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Other Shopping Guide in Bangkok

  • Thai Antiques in Bangkok

    Thai Antiques in Bangkok

    ‘Antiques’ is a term almost always referring to modern reproductions of the original pieces, crafted with skilful hands and are pretty convincing to non-discerning Read More...

  • Counterfeit Culture

    Bangkok's love of imitating things is, well, inimitable. Let ’s take a closer look at counterfeits, from copycat chic and knock-off football shirts to bootleg DVDs. Read More...

  • 10 Great Thai Designers

    A true treasure trove when it comes to fashion, Bangkok upscale shopping malls house everything from world-class labels to well-established local brands. Read More...

  • Thai Crafts

    Thai Crafts

    With skills passed from one generation to the next and abundant natural materials, Thai crafts are as celebrated as the'wai'greeting and the country's cuisine. Read More...

  • Bangkok Food Shopping

    Exploring Bangkok's local markets is an adventurous experience, but if you prefer an air-conditioned environment, there plenty of supermarkets scattered all over the city. Read More...

  • VAT Refunds for Tourists

    Goods purchased in Thailand are VAT inclusive; however, tourists can receive a VAT refund of 7% on goods purchased from shops that show a 'VAT Refund For Tourists sign'. Read More...

  • Computers & Audiovisual

    A wide range of computer products, audiovisual equipment and related paraphernalia can be found at Bangkok's numerous IT and Electronic malls and outlets. Read More...

  • Furniture & Home Decor

    Apart from a wide range of traditional furniture, a new crop of Thai product design brands create functional contemporary pieces from the innovative use of natural Read More...

  • Jewellery


    Looking for that perfect piece of jewellery to complement your recently-bought dress? Well, look no further. Bangkok has long been hailed as a jewellery destination of Read More...

  • Thai Antiques in Bangkok

    Tailors in Bangkok

    Ranked high on most visitors' must-buy lists, tailor-made clothing is an excellent choice, especially when you can't seem to find a perfect fit in ready-to-wear shops. Read More...

  • Thai Products (OTOP)

    OTOP is the brand of products under the 'One Tambon* One Product' project, a nationwide sustainable development initiative launched by the Thai government in 2001. Read More...

  • Fashion and Clothing in Bangkok

    Thai Silk and Textiles

    Whether you're looking for fabric for a new outfit or curtains, or ready-made gift items for your loved ones at home, you'll be thrilled with the endless selection Bangkok has Read More...



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