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Feel the rhythm, hear the beat, and join in the excitement of COOKIN' NANTA, a non-verbal percussion performance set in the kitchen. The award-winning show combines the traditional Korean genre of samul nori with modern music and comedy for a high-energy performance that delights audiences of all backgrounds and ages.

Settle into your seat for a night of pure entertainment at COOKIN' NANTA, a show that gets its name from the Korean word meaning "to strike in a frenzied manner." As the lights go down and the performance begins, see for yourself why this title makes so much sense. Watch in amazement as 3 chefs attempt to slice and dice as quickly as they can while preparing a last-minute wedding feast—and comically have to teach the manager's incompetent nephew how to cook along the way.

The show involves a dazzling display of acrobatics, magic tricks, pantomime, and audience participation, all brought together through the use of traditional Korean rhythmic music. Dance along in your seat as the infectious beat is created using improvised instruments like whisks, knives, cutting boards, and mixing bowls. The music is complemented by the hysterical antics and expressions of this hapless gang of chefs.

Almost completely non-verbal, the show is guaranteed to wow no matter your language or nationality. See for yourself why the show has been captivating audiences around the world—from New York to Edinburgh to Bangkok—creating truly unforgettable memories for the whole family.

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