Top 10 Bangkok Chinatown

The Best of Chinatown in Bangkok

Chinatown – known locally as Yaowarat – is a truly fascinating area of Bangkok, with action at all hours and surprises at every turn. The problem for visitors is how difficult and exhausting it can be walking in and out of a maze of alleyways, centuries old temples and hectic markets. Well, for the first time we have solved this problem in a clear and concise manner by compiling the very best of what to do and where to go in Bangkok’s Chinatown.

Even for us, with years of experience, creating this guide was a challenge (an enjoyable one, we admit). Have a look at our guides to the Top 10 Attractions, Restaurants, Shops and Night Spots before you explore… and make sure you wear your comfiest shoes and be prepared for the heat!

10 Best Hotels in Chaweng

Best Hotels in Chinatown

Chinatown in Bangkok can be a confusing place even for long-time visitors to Bangkok so finding the best hotel is vitally important. This energetic, feisty area of the city can leave you feeling very far from home, but with our list of the 5 Best Hotels in Chinatown Bangkok you will surely find a welcome retreat after a busy day of exploring.  See the 10 Best...



The sights, sounds and smells of Chinatown are an assault to the senses so visitors should be prepared, but for anyone with a sense of adventure a day lost among the many market alleys and street food vendors can be the most memorable of any spent in Bangkok. See the 10 Best...
If you are brave enough and forget everything you thought you knew about food, Chinatown will surprise you. Street food is always fun and travellers seem to enjoy mixing with locals to experience something traditional. See the 10 Best...
Chinatown at night is well known throughout the entire country for one thing: food! The endless treats on offer here are certainly the main draw and an evening of food exploration down Yaowarat is a highlight to any stay in Chinatown. See the 10 Best...
Shopping in Chinatown has a timeless quality to it and offers the perfect antidote to the modern mega-malls that are springing up in other areas of Bangkok. Here, tradition prevails and it possible to get lost down alleyways with traders selling the same specialist merchandise as their forefathers did generations ago. See the 10 Best...




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