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What to See in Bangkok

It's a click to say every street has its secrets, or that around every corner lurks some new hidden charm. However, in Bangkok they're 100% true. This section's mission is to help you find them, to impart the wisdom it normally takes locals years to acquire. For ease of use, we've given each of the city's main areas its own page. Expect the unexpected, an eclectic hotchpotch of trusty indigenous treasures and rising cosmopolitan gems.

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Most Popular Areas of Bangkok

  • Sukhumvit Attractions

    Sukhumvit Attractions A-Z

    Sukhumvit has few temples and traditional architecture to explore. Instead what lends Sukhumvit its magnetism is its Read More»

  • Old City Attractions

    Old City Attractions

    The majesty and grandeur of Rattanakosin's temples, palaces and pavilions, which date back to the beginning of the Read More»

  • Riverside Attractions

    Riverside Attractions A-Z

    Many of Bangkok's most famous attractions are located along the river banks, the Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun), the Read More»

  • Siam Attractions

    Siam Attractions A-Z

    With trendy boutiques and major shopping malls in the area, Siam is a playground where local teenagers meet, hang out, Read More»

  • Chinatown Attractions

    Chinatown Attractions A-Z

    There are many things to see in Chinatown and the whole experience is impressive. The biggest variety of easteries and Read More»

  • Chidlom Attractions

    Chidlom Attractions

    Tourist attractions are thin on the ground in Ploenchit and the roads that traverse it. Lumpini Park, at the end of Read More»

All the BEST Bangkok Attractions by Areas

Top 10 Attractions in Sukhumvit

Top 10 Attractions in Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit Road is the commercial centre of Bangkok and is lined on either side with international brand hotels, shopping Read More...

Top 10 Attractions in Siam

Top 10 Attractions in Siam

If you’re looking for things to see and do in Bangkok, Siam offers more variety than any other area. Here you can Read More...

Top 10 Attractions in Old City

The Old City district in Bangkok is home to a glittering array of temples, palaces and ancient architecture, Read More...

Top 10 Attractions in Riverside Bangkok

10 Best Things to Do in Riverside

Bangkok’s Riverside is bursting its banks full of top quality attractions; so much so that any trip to the Thai capital Read More...

Top 10 Attractions in Chinatown

Top 10 Attractions in Chinatown

The sights, sounds and smells of Chinatown are an assault to the senses, but can be the most memorable of any spent in Read More...

Top 10 Attractions in Silom

Top 10 Attractions in Silom

From the debauchery of Patpong to sophisticated museums and much-loved parks, there is a whole host of interesting Read More...

Top 5 Attractions in Pratunam

Top 5 Attractions in Pratunam

Any discussion of the must-see attractions in Pratunam can only start at one place, which happens to be the tallest Read More...

Top 10 Attractions in Chidlom

Top 10 Attractions in Chidlom

From penis shrines (yes, you read it correctly), to ulra-luxe cinemas and sports clubs, this Top 10 Attractions list Read More...

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Other Areas of Bangkok

Khao San Road Attractions

Khao San Road's location in the Old City (Rattanakosin) makes it an ideal base from which to explore the city's classic Read More...

Ratchaprasong Attractions

Ratchaprasong Attractions

Aside from world-class shopping in Ratchaprasong, visitors can take in a movie at several cinema complexes, sling balls Read More...

Silom Attractions A-Z

While there's plenty to see in Silom, the area is short on traditional attractions. There are, however, a growing number Read More...

Sathorn Attractions

At one end, there's Lumpini Park and the Lumpini Boxing Stadium, and at the other, the Sathon Pier where you can take Read More...

Victory Monument Attractions

Victory Monument Attractions

Sightseeing is not a selling point of the Victory Monument area. It’s more a land transport hub, where you can connect Read More...




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