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At Rod Fai Market, an open-air bazaar set beside an abandoned railroad track, the vintage look never goes out of style. Spread on the ground is all kinds of collectibles and memorabilia from the yesteryear, from antique furniture to hippy fashion to Mao kitsch. Rod Fai Market definitely stands out from the hordes of outdoor markets across Bangkok but it could be hard to find, as it’s tucked behind what appears to be an abandoned warehouse near the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Taxi drivers usually don’t know it exists and will probably give you a blank face if you mention it, so the best way is to start at the MRT underground’s Kamphaeng Phet Station (opposite Or Tor Kor Food Market) and walk about five minutes in the opposite direction of Chatuchak Market.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rod Fai market has moved to a new location at Srinakarin Soi 51, just behind Seacon Square. Best way to get there is via taxi - all drivers should know Seacon Square. 

There are two sections to the market. Facing Kamphaeng Phet Road, the front section occupies a large empty space that looks like a parking lot. Here, market vendors display their collections on the ground or on makeshift props like wooden crates, pallets and retro cars. But don’t just stop there: Venture further in, down a narrow backstreet and you will get to the abandoned warehouse where even more vendors and goods fill the entire area that leads to the old trains and railroad tracks.

The variety of products available is impressive. You will find everything from household goods, old electronic appliances and used auto parts to secondhand clothes, shoes and fashion accessories – all vintage style of course. Many vendors are also collectors of vintage items, so it’s not uncommon to see hobbyist items such as old cameras, bikes, Coca-Cola collectibles and Japanese anime toys on sale as well.


Where there’s shopping, there’s food

While shopping is the main highlight at Rod Fai Market, you might not want to miss out on street food here. Makeshift bars with cheap cocktails and drinks, barbecue stands with sizzling meats, fried noodle stalls, ice cream parlours, drink stands with foaming Thai iced-tea and coffee are wedged in at random spots among the goods as well as lining the back row next to the train. Each vendor employs various design gimmicks – from classic Volkswagen campers to old train bogeys – to attract potential diners. A few bars are set up in a cosy corner with wooden stools and reggae tunes. Even if you don’t feel hungry or thirsty for a drink, you will find it irresistible to take a few bites.

For many, Rod Fai Market offers a real unique shopping experience. But more important is you don’t even have to be into the vintage goods to enjoy shopping here. The charm of the place, the chilled-out atmosphere and the spirit of the people who gather here will live long in your memory.

Rod Fai Market

Opening Hours: 17:00 - midnight (Sat-Sun)
Location: Khamphaengphet Road (behind Chatuchak Weekend Market)
MRT: Kamphaengphet

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