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IKEA, the world-famous Swedish furniture brand, brings its sleek minimalist design to Thai homes. Its 43,000sqm warehouse and showroom space on Bangna-Trad Road displays more than 7,500 furniture and home décor accessories for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens outdoors and much more. The Bangna branch is IKEA’s first flagship store in Thailand and features all the brand’s signature services, facilities and a gallery-style showroom. The store layout enforces self-guided shopping: you enter one way, walk through all the available sections with a shopping list and pencil in your hand, pick up your items from the warehouse, pay for your purchase and exit the store the other way.

What to Expect at IKEA Bangkok

IKEA Bangkok is essentially the same as any other IKEA stores worldwide. The boxy blue-yellow warehouse fuses practicality and fun, as you can play around with all the products – sit on a sofa, lie in a bed, move furniture around, open and close the parts – before deciding on a purchase.

Here, you don’t just see one of each item but multiple versions of it, in different colours, sizes, materials, or fabrics. Plus, the gallery-style display, showcasing the products in a ‘real’ setting, brings an element of imagination into your shopping experience. So, take as long as you want to browse, play and decide what to buy.


IKEA Bangkok Store Layout

IKEA Bangkok has two levels, and the starting point is on the second floor where all the big furniture and DIY parts are displayed in a gallery-style setup. You will find everything for your living room, bedroom, children’s room, home office, bathroom, kitchen, storage room, dining room and garden.  At the end of the walk-through is a 700-seat cafeteria offering a limited selection of Asian and Western dishes. Again, this is self-service, so don’t forget to put your plates away in the designated area.

From the cafeteria, the stairs leads down to the first level where home accessories and smaller items are displayed in sections. Start from glassware, utensils and cooking accessories, then proceed along to lighting, bathroom accessories, decorative items (e.g. wall clocks, candles, picture frames, mirrors), small storage (e.g. baskets, bins, boxes, trays), gardening tools, upholstery, pillows, curtains, and much, much more.


IKEA aspires to be a lifestyle brand. As many loyal IKEA fans will point out, you can easily fit out your entire home with IKEA products. And why not? IKEA products are well-designed, good quality and affordable. At IKEA, you usually don’t buy just one item and go home; rather, you buy several pieces either in one go or on repeat visits.

All in all, shopping at IKEA is a hands-on experience, as you browse the catalogue (or the entire showroom), interact with the products, fill out the pick-up form, look for them in the warehouse and assemble them once you get home. Shopping aside, IKEA Bangkok offers additional services, including home delivery, assembly service, custom tailoring (for upholstery and furniture), and consultations with interior stylists.

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IKEA Bangkok

Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00
Location: Bangna-Trad Highway (km. 8)
Tel: +66 (0)2 708 7999
How to get there: Taxi, or from Udomsuk BTS Skytrain, wait for IKEA shuttle bus at exit 5 (buses leave every 30mins, service hours 9:00 from Udomsuk BTS station to 22:30 from IKEA Bangkok)

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