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Welcome to Ananda Spa - A Bangkok Spa second to none. Ananda Spa comes from the Sanskrit word meaning 'harmony', and we at Ananda Spa are devoted to restoring yours. All our treatments are carefully customized to beautify the body, transform the mind and nurture the soul. A total experience that will leave you rejuvenated, replenished and, above all, relaxed.

A wide array of spa and beauty treatments await guests, ranging from massages, scrubs, bath therapies, hair treatments and Traditional Thai Massage in Bangkok. Top of the list of "all time favorites" are the special treatments, specially created spa packages to provide that "perfect balance" to soothe away stress and fatigue.

Ananda Massage

Ananda Spa's signature treatment – this unique massage combines the techniques of aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, and specialty Thai, Shiatsu and Ayuvedic massage techniques – to sooth your tired body into instant well-being. Pure essential oils are massaged into the body, as their scents uplift your senses. Muscles and ligaments are gently kneaded to ease tensions, providing a warm sensation of free energy flow. The body is slowly worked from the back to front, followed by a foot and leg massage. A facial and scalp massage with Ananda Signature tea completes this treatment.

Ananda Hot Stone Massage

An ancient culture dating thousands of years and used by American Indians, this therapy was used for many purposes, ranging from grounding to achieving deeper levels of relaxation as well as for healing process. As the stones work in harmony, using various massage techniques, the body is relaxed and its deepest level, using the gentle transformational properties of mineral and semi-precious stones. Ananda Signature tea is served at the end to complete the treatment.

Ananda Facial

A rejuvenating experience of a cleansing, toning, hydrating, moisturizing, facial massage and mask designed to purify and promote beautifully radiant skin. An exceptional facial treatment tailored to meet your specific skin condition and comes complete with a pampering hand and scalp massage. Ananda Signature tea to complete the treatment.

Ananda Jet Lag Energizer

An energizing treatment that stimulates the circulation and relaxes those tired muscles after long travels. The Jet Lag Energizer includes an Ananda Signature body massage with aromatherapy oil to revive your circulation, a head massage to re-energize your spirit and an Ananda Signature tea to complete the treatment so your body is ready to begin again.

Ananda Retreat
• Thai Herbal Body Polish
• Ananda Massage
• Ananda Facial

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