What to Eat in Bangkok

Bangkok Restaurants & Dining

Food is very much a part of your Bangkok experience, and luckily you don't have to walk very far to find something to eat. Shop-house restaurants and food carts can be found on almost every street corner, at pavement eateries with fold-up tables and chairs, and in the smallest of sois (lanes). In fact, the smell of food is omnipresent in this sprawling metropolis.

There’s a lot more to it than Phad Thai or red, yellow and green curries. For starter, the variety is vast – be prepared to see some strange-looking dishes. Absolutely nothing goes to waste, pork innards, chicken feet, even creepy looking insects included. All in all, Thai food is not just a culinary feast, but an unrivaled adventure.

Street Food Soi 38

Sukhumvit Soi 38 offers a great initiation into Thai street food. Located only a few steps from the BTS at Thong Lor, it is a real contrast with the smarter restaurants that line Sukhumvit Road. Read More...

Thai Sweets 5 Must-Try Thai sweets

America has apple pie, Japan boasts mochi, and the French are famous for crème brulee. Thai cuisine is known the world over for its explosively spicy and savory tastes, but the Kingdom is not typically noted as a great place to indulge on sweets. Read More...

Bangkok Eating Guide

Top 10 Thai food Top 10 Thai food

Thai food’s profusion of exotic flavours makes it among the most coveted of cuisines. As a walk through Bangkok forcefully reminds, these flavours and fragrances are seemingly inexhaustible. Read More...

Street Food in Bangkok Bangkok Street Food

Street food vendors are convenient, delicious and cheap alternative to restaurants. The usual offerings include noodles, made-to-order dishes, curries and stir-fried meat over rice. Read More...

Bangkok Best Food Courts 5 Best Food Courts in Bkk

Food Courts in Bangkok are as numerous and as central to life as tuks-tuks and temples, and are the best places to sample a wide range of really cheap and really tasty Thai food. Read More...

Fried Insects

Believe it or not, a bag of crisps has a lot in common with a serving of fried insects. They are both tasty, greasy, cheap and are great with beer – and one bite is never enough. Read More...

Thai Meals & Eating Habits

A typical Thai meal consists of a soup and/or curry, salad, stir-fried dish and desserts. Normally there would be a mix of spicy and mild dishes for 'balance' and to neutralise tastes. Read More...

Thai Recipes

Undoubtedly one of the most popular cuisine in the world, Thai food ranks high on anyone's food list. Not only it is tasty and spicy, it's nutritious and most of the dishes contain very little fat. Read More...


Thai Desserts

Most people are well acquainted with signature Thai dishes like 'tom yam goong', 'pad thai', 'som tam' and so on. But not many are familiar with traditional Thai sweets and desserts. Read More...

Thai Fruits

Thailand's colourful, refreshing array of exotic fruits greet you on every corner. The country's fertile plains and hot tropical climate means that pretty much anything grows here. Read More...

The Four Regional Flavours

A trip to the Land of Smiles just wouldn't be complete without sampling some authentic Thai dishes, and it would be considered an act of sacrilege if you resort to fast food when you're in the city where tasty food can be found 24 hours on almost every street corner.  Read More...

Bangkok Best Restaurants by Tatler Bangkok's Best Restaurants

Here's your trusted guide to Bangkok’s best restaurants, with over 150 reviews sorted by Name, Cuisine or Areas of Bangkok by Thailand Tatler. Read More...

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