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Ice cream, one of the world's greatest inventions, have long taken its rightful place in everyone's hearts - young or old. Served previously exclusively in the bygone European royal courts, this frozen dessert was considered a delicacy so divine that, as somebody aptly put, it should be illegal. Illegal or not, we all love it, especially when it comes with a little twist...

Forget - at least temporarily - about everyday flavours like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, because at Amaltery, you're in for a pleasant surprise! To the unknowing eye, Amaltery appears to be an innocent-looking ice cream parlour where kids would enjoy their chocolate sundae and banana split.

However, a closer look reveals neither children nor their sundaes, but a shelf filled with colourful liquid in equally colourful bottles. Yes, you guessed it, Amaltery manages to combine two opposite debaucheries and ice them up into over 30 varieties of home-made cocktail ice creams, from common concoctions like Margarita, B52, Long Island Iced Tea, and Sex on the Beach, to more imaginative ones like 'Bitchin Margarita', 'Midnight Mojito', 'Screamin Orgasm' and many more.

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A blend of bitter & sweet

After spending sometime deciding, I finally opted for three different flavours; the lusciously-named 'Chocolate Peppermint', Sangria, and 'Virgin', a non-alcoholic alternative for teetotalers. Ice cream was served in a sub-zero frosted bowl along with a piece of crispy waffle on the side.

Starting off with 'Virgin', its rich and creamy taste reminded me of fresh milk, which makes for an ideal alternative for non-drinkers and kids alike. 'Chocolate Peppermint' smelled and tasted delicious with a subtle tinge of peppermint, the sweetness of chocolate and the pungent flavour of Schnapps.

Next up was Sangria, a more sophisticated choice with a combination of red wine, brandy and gin. It tasted exactly like the real thing, only with an addition of smooth and tangible texture. For a fan of red wine, a scoop (or two) of Sangria is highly recommended. If you want to go all the way, Amaltery also offers a wide selection of real cocktails as well as local and international beer.

Ideal indulgence

A brainchild of a former advertising consultant, Amaltery also does it justice design-wise. Its simple yet minimalistically chic interior makes you want to sit and linger on your 'Screamin Orgasm', wishing it'd never melt.

Amaltery is an ideal place for true epicureans - a place where soft confection and hard liquor collide head-on. Whether you want to conclude your dinner with a frozen nightcap, or get a little tipsy for a night of booze binging, Amaltery is guaranteed to serve every purpose!

  • Location: Urban Kitchen, Ground Floor, The Erawan Bangkok and Ground Floor at Siam Paragon
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