Central Food Loft

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A delightful experience for your eyes, ears and palate, this cutting-edge dining venue boasts a theatre kitchen concept where you can enjoy cooking shows along with your meal. The lofty, industrial-chic kitchen sports a red, black and metallic colour theme and houses eight cooking islands where the world’s most popular and regional cuisines are presented along with mouthwatering local desserts and drinks.

Upon entering the Food Loft, you will receive a 1,000-baht voucher with which you can buy from any food and drink station. This ticket will then be scanned at the cashier upon leaving, and you only pay for the amount deducted from the ticket, which should be equivalent to the total cost of your meal.

Not Just another Food Court

While the Food Loft falls short of saving you from the usual food court cacophony, it does offer a whole lot more than just a fulfilling lunch or dinner. Most of the cooking stations are represented by well-established restaurants in town, so rest assured that the flavours are delectable as well as consistent.

Diversity is another big plus. The Chinese station alone offers an array of options from the usual stir-fried noodles, roasted duck and fried rice to dim sum, vegetarian-only and even a delicacy like drunken chicken. Thai food gets down to the regional specifics, whether Isan food (e.g. som-tam, larb-moo and sticky rice) or Lanna food (e.g. khao soy), while Italian also features customised pastas and oven-baked pizzas.

Desserts, with an entire cooking station of its own, are not merely an afterthought here. Choose from an assortment of cakes, tarts and ice-creams or the regional favourites like mango with sticky rice, glass jelly in sweet syrup, banana fritters and black sesame dumplings. The drinks station offers a wide selection of herbal drinks, fruit juices, beers, cocktails, signature smoothies, house wines, whiskeys and soft drinks.  

Food Loft Experience

Apart from the culinary experience, Food Loft recreates an atmosphere in which you can relax or enjoy a social get-together after work or on weekends. The seating arrangements spread across the two zones: the kitchen area and the dining atrium – a loft-style setting with double-height panoramic windows, lounge seating area, a mezzanine floor for added privacy and live music on Friday and Saturday evenings (18:00 – 20:00).

Service is not a major highlight but is friendly and, depending on how busy it is, efficient. While the Food Loft concept is self-service, you can order your food at the cooking station and later have a staff member pick up your order for you. For added service, however, expect to pay a 5% service charge at the cashier.

Central Food Loft

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00 daily
Location: 7th Floor, Central Chidlom
BTS: Chidlom station
Cuisine: Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean, Italian, sandwiches and soups, desserts

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