5 Best Food Courts in Bangkok

Bangkok Best Food Court Hit List

Food Courts in Bangkok are as numerous and as central to life as tuks-tuks and temples, and are the best places to sample a wide range of really cheap and really tasty Thai food. They serve authentic dishes, much like street stalls, but in a clean, air-conditioned environment and are often packed out with hungry locals and inquisitive tourists alike. Many food courts are housed in shopping malls and successfully bring together Bangkok’s two great pastimes – shopping and eating.

A hectic but happy mix of tastes, sights and smells, food courts have their own rules and etiquette that can be confusing to the uninitiated (who can often be seen wandering amongst the stalls empty-handed), but we are here to help...

Food Courts - How it Works

The first thing to do is pick up a value card or vouchers from the cash desk – payment is not usually accepted at the stalls - then peruse the cooking islands or stalls looking for something that looks especially tasty or interesting. Most food courts in Bangkok have menus written in Thai and English, although the more obscure neighbourhood ones might not. Anyway, staff in food courts have become used to serving foreigners so you needn’t worry about being understood. Any unused value or vouchers can be redeemed at the cash desk before you leave. 

Venues vary from basic snack-type places often found close to supermarkets, to trendy upmarket food courts serving a selection of world cuisine. The good ones are too plentiful to count on your fingers and toes, but we've lined up a hit list of the not-to-be-missed...


Food Loft at Central Chidlom - The Trend Setter

This cutting-edge dining venue boasts a theatre kitchen concept where you can enjoy cooking shows along with your meal. The lofty, industrial-chic kitchen houses eight cooking islands, where the world’s most popular and regional cuisines are presented. Read More...

Terminal 21 Food Court - Most Family Friendly

On the far side of the Golden Gate Bridge, just above the whirling dervishes of Istanbul you’ll find one of the tastiest – and certainly cleanest – food courts in Bangkok. Located on the fifth floor of this unique ‘one city, one floor’ lifestyle mall. Read More...

Food Republic at Siam Center - The New Kid in Town Siam

Siam Center food court – or Food Republic, to use its proper name – is a welcome addition to Bangkok’s already plentiful supply. This stylish, gun-metal grey collection of food and beverage stalls has one of the best spreads of world cuisine of any in the capital and a modern décor that blurs the line between food court and restaurant. It’s cool, clean and bustling with a varied clientele of locals and tourists. Read More...

MBK Food Court - The Mother of all Food Courts Siam

Bangkok's legendary Mah Boon Krong (MBK) has two food courts: Fifth Food Avenue on the fifth floor, and the more frenetic MBK Food Centre on the sixth. One of the most popular shopping malls among locals and tourists, MBK's food halls are geared to keep these hungry shoppers energized at any time of the day or night. Read More...

Siam Paragon Food Hall - It's All About Choices Siam

Given the fact that Siam Paragon has proclaimed itself as the 'Pride of Bangkok', its Food Hall accordingly lives up to the hype. Covering a good half of the mall's huge ground floor, the Food Hall is divided into three different zones. Read More...

Other Popular Food Courts in Bangkok

Amarin Plaza Food Court

Amarin Plaza is a bit of a hidden gem in the Bangkok food court scene; it is surrounded by some of the biggest shopping malls in the city and yet it is consistently packed as a favourite lunchtime spot for locals in the know. Read More...

CentralWorld Food Court

Central World food court is a large, 200-seat food court serving one of the best selections of pan-Asian food in Bangkok. Despite its size, the food court in Central World is somewhat hard to find on the far side of Central Food Hall. Read More...

The Emporium Food Court

Basically, your every craving and whim can be appeased here. You could choose to have a three-course meal with music and wine, or a light healthy snack and smoothie. You have the option too of take out to feast on later. Read More...

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