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Given the fact that Siam Paragon has proclaimed itself as the 'Pride of Bangkok', its Food Hall accordingly lives up to the hype. Covering a good half of the mall's huge ground floor, the Food Hall is divided into three different zones: Food Hall Food Court, Food Hall Gallery, and Food Hall Take Home.

Food Hall Food Court is arranged in a crescent-like fashion with a sizeable aquarium standing in the middle.

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Siam Paragon Food Court

Stationed under the main atriums at the front of the mall, the Food Hall offers an array of Thai and foreign dishes in the crescent-shaped food court and adjacent banks of stalls, along with the ubiquitous fast food brands and Thai franchises, all of which offer great options for groups with differing tastes. The quality of the food court is exceedingly high and is one of the tips often passed around by savvy travellers as somewhere to try all manner of delicious Thai dishes at just above street food prices.

Taking a walk around here is an experience in itself, and determining what to have for lunch is nothing less than a daunting task you're faced with. A quick browse along the bend reveals an astonishing array of nothing else but food and more food. The first joint serves 'Isaan' (Northeastern Thai) food to the soundtrack of mortar and pestle colliding into one another, yielding a pleasant result: a mouth-watering 'som tum' (spicy papaya salad). Don't miss the fragrant 'moo satay' (grilled pork kebab, marinated in a yellow curry sauce and served with peanut sauce).

If you want an easy start, try healthy boiled rice along with a variety of toppings. All kinds of noodles - be it Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, or Italian - are also readily available.Further away from the Food Court is the Food Hall Gallery, a slightly more up-scale food venue with a chic setting and a cornucopia of culinary delights. The procedure here is just a tad different because, upon entering the venue, you'll be given a card to be used like a credit card. Food Hall Gallery offers only the best of local and international cuisines all in one place.

Other Restaurants and Stalls in Siam Paragon

Gourmet Hall

Running back parallel to the Gourmet Supermarket, Gourmet Hall is where you will find the more up-market establishments, which serve some of the best food in Bangkok. Visitors can be forgiven for doubting the quality of shopping mall eateries compared to their freestanding culinary contemporaries, but, trust us, the restaurants here are merely taking the logistics out of finding a gourmet meal by bringing the food to the people.

Café Chilli

This restaurant bistro serves a modern mix of Thai dishes with an emphasis on 'Isaan' (the northeastern region of Thailand) food. The laidback surroundings of Café Chilli are an excellent place to sample the famed dishes of the region, which is known for its powerful use of flavours. Servings are small and each has an individual taste due to the bold use of herbs and spices, so it’s best to order several dishes for the table to share so you can get the right blend of fiery spice, biting citrus and bitter herb flavours. This is exactly the kind of food that tourists come back to Thailand to find. It also boasts a shaded outdoor patio area – perfect for relaxing with a drink in hand.

Four Seasons

Specialty roast duck restaurant originally from London, this is only the second branch worldwide and has remained true to its traditional Chinese-inspired menu with a variety of seafood, crispy pork belly and tofu dishes. The real draw card, however, is the dish on which the restaurant made its name: succulent roasted duck. The signature dish can be ordered in two sizes: half duck for 600baht or a whole duck for 1,100baht. The duck sauce is rich, yet delicate, and the cooking method is tried and tested to deliver consistency. This is a classy restaurant with an international reputation and should be the first choice for duck lovers.

Crystal Jade Golden Palace

Crystal Jade offers an extensive selection of dim sum and other authentic Cantonese cuisine in modern, opulent surroundings. Each 'little treat' is fresh and full-flavoured with enough options to make even the most skeptical dim-sum diners lifelong converts. It is one of the only restaurants in Paragon with an entry passage, which can be fairly intimidating for browsers and the undecided, but once inside the layout is spacious with a contemporary Chinese feel. Other classic Cantonese delicacies are also popular here including abalone and fresh seafood.  

After You Cake Shop

After You Dessert Café is diminutive in size, but massive in reputation; this bright and airy café is located next to the Gourmet Supermarket and is recognisable by the queue of people lined up outside. The cakes and desserts, obviously, are mouthwateringly good, and they also serve a limited selection of savoury food including fried breakfasts, pancakes with bacon and waffles with smoked sausage. The ice coffees and frappuccinos look as though they've been crafted into shape by a sculptor. Owing to their success, After You has maximized their floor space so tables leave scant room for elbows, but it all helps to create an atmosphere that is lively and exciting.

Take Away Counters

Nobody would be able to resist the Food Hall Take Home section. You're drawn in by the kaleidoscope of colours, shapes and sizes of cakes on display. Highly recommended is the 'kanom kui chai', steamed paper-thin dough stuffed with Chinese chive, bamboo shoot, and dried shrimps, eaten with tangy black sauce. Fruit smoothies and Italian gelato parlours abound as well as pastry shops, whose irresistible aroma of freshly baked patisseries tantalizes everyone walking by.

Favourite Thai desserts like 'look choob' (mung bean paste in miniature fruit shapes) and sticky rice with mango are big favourites. Before you leave, don't forget to visit the promotional area, where food-related events are held regularly. Recently featured were the tastiest 'pad thai' (stir-fried noodle) you'll ever taste, and grilled shellfish straight from Hokkaido, Japan.

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Siam Paragon Food Hall

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00
  • Location: Siam Paragon
  • BTS: Siam
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