Prince Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


Prince Hotel

Restaurants & Dining


To enjoy delicious meals, choose our Prince Restaurants, which after the finest Thai specialities,
as well as tasty Chinese and international cuisine

  • Appetizers
  • Salad and Cold buffet,Soup
  • Sandwich and Burger
  • Steak and Grilled
  • Pasta , Rice , Noodles
  • Thai Spicy Salad
  • Thai Spicy Soup ,Clear Soup, Curry & Flavour Soup
  • Vegetable and Fried
Cocktail Lounge

Cocktail Lounge is the truly delightful addition to the Prince Hotel, dining experience. Perched on the ground floor, adjacent to our picturesque swimming pool, its design features a light, bright and ambience. Trendy, yet relaxed and comfortable. Open 3.00 PM-2.00 AM.


Karaoke with International Song, Pool Playing pool game with your friend , if you lonely don’t worry our sfaff gladden play with you.