President Palace Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


President Palace Hotel

Facilities & Services

It's not just all business at President Palace Hotel. Opening the same time in the hotel will be Thailand's first Manchester United themed Restaurant & Bar offers guests the ultimate dining and entertainment experience.

Hotel Facilities & Services
  • Manchester United Restaurant and Bar
  • Banquet Room
  • Splash Bar
  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitness Center
  • Business Center Services
  • Indoor Car Park
  • Limousine and Tour Services
A free local mobile phone

Key features of this service/facilities

  • Calling from room-to-room is free, so it’s perfect for groups or friends staying with us
  • Calling concierge and hotel is free. This is especially useful as you will always stay connected and secure, even when you are outside the hotel.
  • Free incoming calls, without worrying about roaming costs
  • 80% cheaper than international roaming.
  • International calls starting from 5 Baht per minute, makes it the cheapest mobile option in the market.