Tsix5 Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand


Tsix5 Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand


At Tsix5 , we cherish notable times of the year for celebrations throughout its 365 days. Every life moment is time-driven and the concept of our hotel here was inspired by this very element: time. The theme of time and celebrations is demonstrated through various colours of guestrooms representing an all-year-round’s festive moments. Tsix5 was touched by the ‘graphicterior’ design where the work of 2D graphic was stretched to enhance space with numerical digits, alphabets and other universal time indicators.

Concept was devaloped with a unique design. The storyboard comes from the 365 theory about date and time. For corrent global principles and festivals through the day-month-year, we come up with 365.25 time and experimental schedule in the past we called Lunar day lunar time over which the orbit of the moon around the earth turning towards the light to the world.

Tsix5 Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand

Red Celebration boasts 48 rooms, symbolising the freshness and brightness of the fun in life throughout the year such as Valentine’s Day where ‘red’ is all about love, and Chinese New Year where ‘red’ brings about luck and wealth. Read More...

The 30-room Gold Celebration represents the lustre in candlelight of peace and tranquillity or of an all-that-jazz of glitters and gold. Read More...

This Junior Suite is to splash your mind at ease with an all-white decor. It’s also a gentle reminder from the West of winter snow and Christmas where the joyful moment of the yearend is celebrated.

Waning room 35 Sqm concept is like a crescent moon where small light is present that makes the almosphere of the room relaxing. Rooms are designed with variations of bricks, wooden lig head board with arc gothic shape, and a dark tone of lighting. And the background is hightlighted with dark shadowed wall that made of ceramics Read More...


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