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The Zign Hotel

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Welcome to the modern Stone Age. Furbished with stone engravings, the beds, itself are attached in atone-brick layout wall. Flint Villa, takes you all the way back to the arts and crafts of Stone Age by filling your life with vibrant waves of Flint.

See the world in the grains of sand. The stunning interiors of Terra are made out of finest textures of modern canvasses of art using clay, bricks and bright colors. Let the smoothness of terrazzo and gentle roughness of clayish interiors, drift you towards calmness.

Wood doesn't lose its liveliness even after being carved as a new life is embedded through sculptures and designs. Wicker Villa is the rebirth of Wicker art into contemporary furnishing with soft wooden interiors in bright yellowish shade woven twigs. More and more pieces have been appropriately painted and upholstered in such a way that they're perfect for a sweet couple.

Guest Facilities and Service

  • Ourdoor Swimming Pool
  • Doctor On Call
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Limousine Service
  • Jacuzzi
  • Currency Exchange
  • Laundy
  • Tour & Travel Service
  • Postal & Mailling Service

Room Facilities

  • Refrigerator & Mini-Bar
  • Bathroom with Free-standing Bathtub And In Room Safe Deposit Box Separate
  • Deluge Shower Stalls
  • Widescreen Television With DVD Player
  • Hot & Cold Water
  • In Room Safe Deposit Box
  • Individually Controlled Air Condition
  • Hi-Speed internet Acces

• Pop Art :
Influenced by the popular culture, this type of rooms is attractive for all pop manias. As pop art is one of the major art movements in the twentieth century, the Pop Art rooms were drawn from advertising and comic books as in popular mass culture.Decorated with Andy Warhol's artwork, the room interior is warm and colourful with the mixture of light and dark shades.


• Retro Art :
For retro lovers, you have a choice of your own style here. While the interior dates back into the 1950s and 1960s, the rooms are contemporary yet relaxed with the warm shades of colors such as brown grey and red. The furniture made of walnut wood is displayed as the unique characteristics of Retro Art.



Corner Suite

• Pissarro :
The art of Camille Pissarro(1830-1903), the French impressionist painter, was mostly in favor of landscapes. His interests of the composition are to capture the sensations of nature and to introduce people and animals to his art, while he appreciated the lightness and purity of colour.

Encouraged by Pissarro's techique, this Corner Suite focuses on delicate lines, and brightly brownish colours that were received from en plein air nature, reflecting in the room's light usage and decoration. In addition, the curvy-shaped gray wall functioning as the bed background was decorated with the installed lights, creating luminous effects similar to the applying strokes of wavy lines to the canvas of Pissarro's.

In regards to WOW Corner Suite, a partition of the living room is beheld with the same theme of decoration and by a glimpse of the leaf-patterned hanging lamp, radiantly from the ceiling above.

• Van Gogh :
As a forerunner of Expressionism who influenced a great deal on the modern art history,Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) depicted his inner world or states of mind through the intensity of colour together with blotchy and aggressive brushwork for oil painting.

Following the Expressionisth inspiration, the Van Gogh Corner Suite was decorated with exaggerated lines along with violent colours of yellow, brown and black. The room atmosphere is only tranquil but also intense; the emotional characteristics deemed as distinctive by Van Gogh. Furthermore, the virtual bedside lamps represent well the artist's being in regards to his visual approach to the world. A Van Gogh painting was also hung on the wall for more absorption of the Expressionisth feelings.

Royal Suite

• Pissarro :
The boundless creativity of Pablo Picasso, the master of the 20th century art, is praised worldwide for his invention of forms,styles and techniques along with his unprecedented influence on media. Without him, many art movements would have never occurred, espeially Cubism, the type of art that Picasso and his friend George Braque pioneered in 1907.

The Picasso Royal Suite is intended to serve its visitors with complete functions. The spacious area was characterised by the encouragement of the artist's unique paintings. The room decoration was made in accorddance with Picasso's depictions, by using the combination of the two Picasso Cubist periods comprising geometrical forms, colour plays and monochromatic colour schemes. Red was chosen to make the room ambience outstanding, while gray was flawlessly united to cool down the room's flamboyant shade.

Junior Suite

Inspired by Cubism, the most innovative art style in the 20th century, this type of room was decorated with flamboyantly geometric figures. Unlike other typical rooms, the room of Cubism was to explore the unusual texture, coloures, forms, and space. It portrays object fragmentations green, orange and brown were emphasised as the decorative core colour, yellow was selected to draw attention to the bathroom brightness. The overall design creates the entertainning sensation for the room itself.

Club Deluxe

Uncovering the concept of Zphora Spa, Club Deluxe was designed to keep the glimpse and fine touches of the traditional Thai, although meet contemporary chic in the room of Passion and Pleasure. The focal combination of the overall décor is lighting and colour, which accentuates certain architectural details. While Passion is created in blue, giving a romantic & passionate ambiance, Pleasure in orange gives warm and loving impression. The bathrooms are the intermingle between traditional and modern senses through the folded casements for a more harmonious mood for all guests.

Extreme Royal Suite

• Picasso :
Following the Picasso Royal Suite, the Picasso Extreme Royal Suite boasts a bigger area of 168 Sq. M. Like the Monet Extreme Royal Suite, it features 1 en-suite double and 1 en-suite twin bedrooms, and the spacious living room as incomparable as Monet’s. A similar set up of a dining table for 10 people for the maximum dining experience and other imaginable activities to your desire, plus an all in one pantry area fitted with a bar and stools. The room itself undoubtedly gives you a small Picasso’s gallery!


• Monet:
Encouraged by Monet’s style of art, the Monet Extreme Royal Suite was delicately decorated with vibrant colours. The reflection of Monet’s approach in constant light and colour changing is felt as soon as one enters the room and drains out all attention. Matchless furniture was carefully selected and curtains of two colours are simply put side by side, making the premises lively, in particular by the upshot of man-made lighting.

The Monet Extreme Royal Suite is of 168 Sq. M., fully equipped with 1 en-suite double and 1 en-suite twin bedrooms, and exceptionally the biggest living room of all room types. A dining table for 10 people is ready to cater your needs along with a pantry area fitted with a bar and stools for more companies.

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