The Zign Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand


The Zign Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand


The Zign, a masterpiece of a de-sign art hotel, is thrived in the modern transformation of arts throughout the time. The sights and sounds of this exotic destination will bring you an unforgettable holiday seduced by the perfect combination of a modern lifestyle and a tropical heaven.

With a small road partitioning the two sides of the Zign, the villas are set amidst a stunning tropical ambience with an adjacent swimming pool as a frontier, and the buildings simply put others in town on a different horizon. All types of accommodation fit with arty-crafty interiors and divided into art zones, each having its own prestige, specialty, and all equipped with flashy facilities. The Zign also features an exclusive lounge, spa, fitness centre, function rooms along with varieties of dining outlets for all your imaginable preferences.

This five-star property boasts 959 rooms in total. All rooms are divided into those in tropical villas (107 rooms) and those in three buildings (852 rooms), two of which are striking 14-storey twins. The main towers offer a la mode rooms and suites in various artists inspirations from most exceptional revolutions of the art history underlining Pure Art, Pop Art, Cubism, Impressionism, to name a few, and the villas reflect those based on boutique genres, providing you the ultimate resort experience.

The Zign Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand

• Pop Art :
Influenced by the popular culture, this type of rooms is attractive for all pop manias. As pop art is one of the major art movements in the twentieth century, the Pop Art rooms were drawn from advertising and comic books as in popular mass culture.Decorated with Read More...

• Pissarro :
The art of Camille Pissarro(1830-1903), the French impressionist painter, was mostly in favor of landscapes. His interests of the composition are to capture the sensations of nature and to introduce people and animals to his art, while he appreciated the lightness and purity of Read More...

• Pissarro :
The boundless creativity of Pablo Picasso, the master of the 20th century art, is praised worldwide for his invention of forms,styles and techniques along with his unprecedented influence on media. Without him, many art movements would have never occurred, espeially Cubism, the type of art Read More...

Inspired by Cubism, the most innovative art style in the 20th century, this type of room was decorated with flamboyantly geometric figures. Unlike other typical rooms, the room of Cubism was to explore the unusual texture, coloures, forms, and space. It portrays object fragmentations green, orange and brown were emphasised as the decorative core Read More...


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