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  • Soi Buakhao Market

    Popular Local Market in South Pattaya


    Soi Buakhao Market is among the busiest and most popular local markets in Pattaya. Taking place every Tuesday and Friday, it offers a great range of products at equally great prices and it is one of the best places in town to look for souvenirs.

    Soi Buakhao Market is found close to the junction between South Pattaya Road and its namesake street twice a week. The land it covers becomes densely packed with stalls from early in the morning, but is entirely vacant during the rest of the week. Much of the market takes refuge from the sun under a makeshift fabric roof, which can make investigating the wares a sweltering business.

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  • The goods on sale include a wide variety T-shirts, shorts, jeans, Thai silk items, handbags, sunglasses, shoes, and the other clothing. There are also many stalls which are less common around Pattaya, including one selling local fruits and spices, pets, plants, vegetables and gold jewellery. Naturally, you will also find copied media, phone accessories, souvenirs, and other items common on Thai markets.

    Soi Buakhao Market appears to have no particularly planned layout, meaning that you may have to fully explore it to find what you want. This can be a challenge because of the previously mentioned canvas roof and the unusually close spacing of the stalls, are often barely 50 cm apart. Fortunately, the marketplace is ringed with several good cafés as well as some more low-cost shops. Street food vendors also set up shop around the edges.

    Its convenient location at the confluence of two very busy tourist routes makes Soi Buakhao Market one of the most popular with visitors and, as a result, a lot of the wares on sale target that market. Prices remain low, however, and can be lowered further with skilful haggling. If you can stand the heat, it is a great place to find some special souvenirs.

    Soi Buakhao Market

    • Opening Hours: Tues and Fri. Starts around 07:00
    • Location: South Pattaya Road end of Soi Buakhao, South Pattaya
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