Pattaya Shopping

Where to Shop and What to Buy in Pattaya

Shopping is a major pastime in Thailand, particularly with tourists. Surprisingly, it doesn't seem to reach the frenzy in Pattaya that it does in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or even Phuket. Perhaps, it's because there are so many other things to do in Pattaya. Or it might be caused by the fact most visitors to Pattaya spend time in Bangkok, a city packed with shopping opportunities. This doesn't mean there aren't places to shop in Pattaya.

There are loads of them. Just don't expect the variety you'll find in the Big Mango or the handicrafts that you'll find in a place like Chiang Mai. On the other hand, malls, superstores and supermarkets thrive in Pattaya, making it simple for most tourists to find products like those they would encounter back home.

Mike Shopping Mall

Mike Shopping Mall is synonymous with great value basics such as swim suits and printed tees, alongside some classic (some might say predictable) souvenirs: Buddha images, carved elephants and fairy lights. Read More...

Pattaya Avenue Shopping Mall Avenue Shopping Mall

The Avenue Shopping Mall is a popular alternative to the larger indoor malls found in Pattaya, with a modern, open-air design, some great value factory outlet stores and range of entertainment options. Read More...

Royal Garden Plaza on Beach Road Royal Garden Plaza

Royal Garden Plaza was the originator of the ‘entertainment mall’ concept in Pattaya, bringing together family attractions and activities, a selection of restaurants, and international brand shopping. Read More...

Central Festival Shopping Mall Central Festival Shopping

Central Festival Shopping Mall is the flagship shopping destination in Pattaya and is constantly popular with a varied mix of tourists and locals who flock there for the international brand clothing, varied eating options and all-weather entertainment Read More...

Factory Outlet Mall in Pattaya Factory Outlet Mall

The Factory Outlet Mall in Pattaya was the first of its kind in Thailand, offering big discounts on popular high street fashion brands for tourists and locals alike. Read More...

TOP10 Shopping
Top 10 Shopping in Pattaya Beach Top 10 Shopping in Pattaya Beach

Shopping in Pattaya Beach isn’t famous, but there is still plenty of opportunity for it in the city. There are no less than five large malls within a short distance of the beach. Read More...

Pattaya Best Shopping Top 10 Shopping in Pattaya

Shopping is a major pastime in Thailand, but surprisingly it doesn't seem to reach frenzy point in Pattaya the way it does in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or even Phuket. Read More...

Top 5 Shopping in Jomtien Beach Top 5 Shopping in Jomtien Beach

The shopping options in Jomtien centre around unique concepts and malls, along with the ubiquitous beachside stalls that come with virtually every stretch of golden sand in Thailand. Read More...


Pattaya Shopping Guide

Jomtien Beach Shopping Jomtien Beach Shopping

Shopping is not the main highlight of Jomtien Beach. Apart from a handful of beach-side stalls, dive shops, tattoo parlours, you'll get the most of shopping at Pattaya Floating Market. Read More...

Naklua Beach Shopping Naklua Beach Shopping

Apart from some little shops and the ubiquitous convenience stores (7/11, Family Mart), there is little to interest shoppers here. Head to our Pattaya Beach Shopping section. Read More...

Pattaya Beach Shopping Pattaya Beach Shopping

Shopping in Pattaya doesn't reach the frenzy that it does in Bangkok. For souvenirs and beach essentials, hit the beachfront stalls which line the southern stretch of Beach Road. Read More...

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Pattaya Shopping
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