10 Things to Do in Pattaya When It Rains

Rainy Day Activities in Pattaya

It is fortunate that there are at least 10 things to do in Pattaya when it rains because, while the weather is generally fine and sunny for most of the year, the city does get its fair share of the rainy season. The weather is notably milder than the rest of Thailand, having fewer and weaker storms than the islands in the south and no extremes of hot or cold like the mountains in the north. However, a rainy day in Pattaya can put a serious dampener on your plans.

The attractions on the list below – aside from being some of the most popular in Pattaya – are perfect for passing the few hours it usually takes for the rains to clear up, making sure that every minute of your holiday is a memorable one. Rather than waste the time sheltering in your hotel room, get out and enjoy some really unique attractions.

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    The giant Central Festival shopping mall between Beach Road and Second Road is an extremely popular place no matter the weather but, being entirely indoors, it is an especially popular choice on a rainy day. Aside from the six floors of shops, there is also a large food court (and more shops) on the bottom floor and, up on the very top floor, a 10-screen cinema (including the only 4D cinema in Pattaya) and a 16-lane bowling centre. The range of restaurants to choose from is particularly impressive, ranging from fast food to Thai to a wide selection of western and Asian cuisines. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 11:00 – 23:00
    • Location: 333/99 Moo 9, Pattaya Beach Road, South Pattaya
    • Tel: +66 (0)3 300 3999
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    The Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum on the upper floors of the Royal Garden Plaza mall between Beach Road and Second Road features 10 galleries and attractions to entertain and amaze you. The main museum itself contains over 300 weird and wonderful exhibits, bringing you remarkable facts about the world as well as gruesome curios from around the world. Other attractions to enjoy on a rainy day include the Tussaud’s Wax Museum, The Infinity Maze a 12D moving theatre, and the Haunted Adventure. The Sky Rider balloon gives you impressive 360-degree views over Pattaya and is probably best left for when the weather has improved. Read More...

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    Ladyboy cabaret shows are perhaps one of Thailand’s most famous attractions, with the majority of the main tourist destinations having at least one theatre. Pattaya boasts no less than four such places, including the Alangkarn Theatre, the Alcazar Cabaret, the Colosseum Show and the world-famous Tiffany Show. Generally lasting for about an hour, each high-quality performance features huge, elaborate song and dance routines, extravagant costumes and stunningly beautiful transgender performers. Exact show times vary from venue to venue, but the curtain goes up for the first time each evening at around 18:00. Read More...

    Art in Paradise is a very different kind of gallery. Rather than just admiring the works of others, you can get involved by posing in the right place and, with the magic of perspective, you can appear to be a part of the picture. Make sure you bring a camera with you because a big part of the fun of exploring the 5,800sqm hall with over 100 artworks is looking back at the photos of you standing in the 3D paintings. Note that Art in Paradise is not really suitable for solo travellers because you need at least one other person there to hold the camera for you! Read More...

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    Underwater World is home to some 2,500 marine creatures of over 200 different species from around the globe. They are comfortably and safely housed in giant tanks with a 100-metre acrylic tunnel through them, allowing you to see what life is like beneath the waves very clearly and up close. It is even possible to get closer still at the Touch Pool, where you can feel the skin of bamboo sharks, sea cucumbers, turtles, blue-spotted rays and more. You can even arrange to dive into the tank yourself with a wetsuit, scuba gear and expert supervision. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 09:00 - 18:00
    • Location: 22/22 Moo 11, Sukhumvit Road, Jomtien
    • Tel: +66 (0)38 756 879
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    The Teddy Bear Museum is not, despite its name, a look at the history of cuddly toys. Instead, it is a slightly romanticised and simplified look at human history, entirely enacted by stuffed animals. Particularly suited to small children, even grown-ups won’t be able to help smiling at the sight of a ferocious dinosaur being cuddled by three plush bears. The three-metre-long (and extremely cuddly) giant panda teddy towards the end of the 12 galleries is the largest of about 1,000 stuffed animals. Read More...

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    Thailand is famous for many things, with one of the favourites around the world being Thai massages. There are plenty of small massage parlours around the city which can provide at least a basic service for a surprisingly low price. However, for a truly relaxing experience lasting for much more of a drizzly day, check out the city’s high-end spas and really spoil yourself with one of their multi-faceted treatment packages. Read More...

    The brutal Thai style of kickboxing known as Muay Thai is continually growing in popularity as both a spectator sport and a fitness regime. Where there are a number of small rings and gyms around the city, Pattaya Boxing World is the Madison Square Garden of Pattaya, hosting the big prize fights in a glitzy, professional stadium. From 18:00 onwards, you can see live bouts every Wednesday and Friday as well as exciting and educational exhibition fights and cultural shows on the other days of the week. Read More...

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    Despite being primarily a shopping complex, Harbor Mall Pattaya is most noteworthy for its remarkable attractions and activities, which include an ice rink, an indoor climbing wall, a trampoline park and Asia’s largest indoor playground and learning area, ensuring that all age groups will never be found short of something to keep them entertained on a rainy day in Pattaya. You will also find a 1,000sqm gaming arcade and an impressive array of particularly tech-oriented shops, with fashion, fitness and lifestyle outlets also available, along with a good range of restaurants. Read More...

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    While a museum dedicated to bottle art may not sound too enthralling, but the Bottle Art Museum in Pattaya goes far beyond just a collection of miniature sailing ships in old milk bottles. Check out amazing recreations of local and national landmarks, Dutch windmills, Japanese pagodas and, of course, a whole fleet of ships, all constructed in remarkably fine details within their glass container. You can even get lessons on the simpler parts of the process of making your own bottle art, making it much easier to appreciate the amazing patience and steadiness-of-hand it must have taken to create the museum’s main exhibits! Read More...

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