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    What to Do at Night in Pattaya Beach

    Pattaya Beach nightlife is both famous and infamous the world over. Walking Street, in particular, is notorious for its seemingly endless array of nightclubs, go-go bars and the pink neon glow which is synonymous with low-cost beers and losing games of pool or Connect 4 with the lightly-clad local ladies.

    The nightlife in Pattaya Beach has a great deal of variety, however, including the glamorous ladyboy cabaret shows, fantastic views for sophisticated sundown cocktails, friendly English-style pubs, lively discotheques, live music venues, ice bars, Muay Thai kickboxing and entire streets dedicated to ladyboy bars, gay clubs, beer bars and go-go bars. In spite of its reputation, there is a good time to be had for most tastes in Pattaya after dark.

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    1. Hilton Pattaya 4.5/ 5
    2. LK The Empress Pattaya 4.1/ 5
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    4. Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya 4.2/ 5
    5. Amari Ocean Pattaya 4.1/ 5
    6. Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya 4.4/ 5
    7. Nova Gold Hotel 4.0/ 5
    8. Amari Nova Suites 4.3/ 5

All Nightlife in Pattaya Beach

Dressing up in Eskimo coats and gloves seems bizarre in Pattaya – it’s a tropical city after all – but it’s a necessary prelude to the most unusual bar in the city. -5 Ice Bar is, quite simply, a bar made out of ice. Actually, it’s two bars: as you enter the building there is a sophisticated lounge full of funky white sofas, candles and disco lights, which leads into the room that gives the bar its name: a sort of walk-in freezer in which everything has been shaped from ice (everything except the vodka bottles, anyway). The bar, seats and even glasses have been crafted from transparent blocks of ice, and makes for the most surreal drinking experience you can have in Pattaya. Located next door to the Amari Nova Suites, The Ice Bar in Pattaya is fairly easy to find, about a kilometre down Soi 4 of Pattaya 2nd Road. Read More...

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The interior of 808 is divided into a lot of small enclaves on multiple levels, giving you a little bit of privacy around your table even in the midst of one of the most popular clubs in Pattaya. Often packed with a fun crowd of local Thais, and expatriates as well as tourists, it is the home of crazy parties, top DJs, regular drinks promotions and great house music. If you need to take a break from the fun, there is an outside terrace overlooking Walking Street with a separate bar and Shisha available. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 14:00 – 02:00
  • Location: Above Candyshop, Walking Street, South Pattaya
  • Tel: +66 (0)81 175 6031
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AQUA Lounge Bar & Pub

This poolside bar at the Mercure Pattaya is good on most days but great on special occasions, attracting a great many of the party animals amongst the city’s lively local and expat communities. The Day & Night Pool Parties during the tourist season are popular and fun, with great local DJs, drinks offers and prizes. When it isn’t a special occasion, AQUA has daily different themes and music styles (and even theme-specific drinks) and two happy hours, running from 17:00 – 19:00 and 23:00 – 01:00.

  • Opening Hours: 17:00 – 01:00
  • Location: 484 Moo 10, Pattaya 2nd Road Soi 15, South Pattaya
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 842 5050
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They're ramshackle, cheap and loud but often a lot of fun 'Pattaya's beer bars are legendary! Some are found in enclosed shop houses, but most come jam-packed together inside tatty open-plan corrugated sheds, each comprised of little more than a few stools and raised speakers assembled round a rather sorry-looking central bar.

There are literally hundreds scattered around town, with many opening from around midday onwards and serving beers (during happy hours especially) for around the 50 baht mark.

Each 'establishment’ employs numerous hostesses to lure you in, serve you drinks and flirt with you. Be warned, their mission is to (1) make you feel a 'handsome man', and (2) to get you aroused to the point of no return. Can you guess what (3) is? If the conversation is a little stilted, and their seductive strokes don't smooth things along, they'll try connecting with you on another level: with a game of Connect 4 to be precise, or, failing that, Jenga. As with go-go girls, for a fee you can relieve a girl of her duties (usually a smaller fee), after which you both settle on a price and place. If you have no intention of picking up, most will happily just chat with you, but you'll be expected to drink more than water.

You find them all over Pattaya, but the densest concentrations are to be found in and around Walking Street, lower Beach Road, at various points on Second Road (around Soi 2 and 3, between Soi 7-13), and Sois 6, 7 and 8. Many commence dispensing their irritating-to-some, irresistible-to-others mix of cheap beers, frenetic Isaan (Northeastern) music and shouts of “Hey handsome'long before midday, though many of the girls don't look so good in daylight. In addition to beer bars, Soi 6 (also known as Soi Yodsak) is also renowned for its many 'short-time'bars (we don't need to spell it out do we?). Read More...

A fairly new concept of venue for Pattaya, Fflic is similar in style and nature to some of the top beach clubs of Phuket. They have a daily DJ playing funky R&B tunes and a bartender show as well as regular and popular special events with big-name international talents. Being right on the coast in Phratamnak, it offers an uninterrupted sunset view from the modest-sized infinity pool. In a bit of creative design, those happy to get wet can still chat with their hydrophobic friends at the poolside and pool-level tables. The club can take up to 300 guests and also serves an impressive menu of international cuisine. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 02:00
  • Location: 286/5 Rajchawaroon Road, Soi Kasetsin 11, Phratamnak
  • Tel: +66 (0)88 498 6165, +66 (0)81 892 8114
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Gay Nightlife

A resort for all tastes, Pattaya Beach ensures muscle boys, bikers and boy toys are kept happy. Gay-only bars and go-go joints are centred around the aptly named Boyz Town (Soi Pattayaland 1 & 3 and Soi 13/4). Highlights along these busy, noisy, neon-lit streets include Throb/Splash (325 Pattayaland 3). In addition to being a conventional go-go bar, this also has a fish tank in which well-toned guys glide and dive gracefully through the water in very tight pants. After that there's a storming cabaret show. Sunee Plaza is just off the strip, quieter and more private. 

These enclosed bars in which scantily clad girls strut, shuffle and sway seductively around steel poles, are the reason many come to Pattaya. The rules are easy to grasp: Entry is free, photography forbidden, music loud, booze flowing, girls available. Nudity in Thailand is illegal, but here in Pattaya's go-go land rules are made to be broken. Prices for drinks average around 100 baht for a beer or shot and mixer, with drinks for your half-naked host coming in at slightly more. If you go ga-ga over a girl and want to relieve her of her menial duties, a bar fine will be payable (usually between 300 and 600 baht). After that what you pay, and for what, is your and her business.

Most are clustered along Walking Street and its adjoining sois, between 40 or 50. There are far too many to list, but well-known establishments include Happy A-Go-Go (Soi Happy), Super Baby (Soi Diamond) and Angel Witch (Soi 15). The latter has well-choreographed and seductive shows involving everything from live snakes to sticky UV paint and full nudity. Club Boesche (Soi 16, Covent Garden Complex) a relative newcomer, is also proving popular, chiefly for its large floor-sunk Jacuzzi occupied by rotating pairs of uninhibited young ladies.

There are more slightly further north on the three quieter 'sois'(streets), Pattayaland 1, 2 and 3. Favourites here include rock-n-roll themed Tahitian Queen (Beach Road, Near Soi 13), Misty's (Pattayaland 2) and Classroom A-Go-Go (Pattayaland 2), which features girls in ponytails, white socks and gymslips. A handful can also be found on Sois 6, 7 and 8, including Silver Star 2. Read More...

Gulliver’s Walking Street (“Red Car Bar”)

Most great nights on Walking Street start at the Red Car Bar. Extremely popular amongst Thais, expatriates and tourists alike, it has an electric atmosphere that is packed with punters on a nightly basis. There is a large central bar, great music with live DJ sets, pool tables and little alcoves along one wall for a little privacy and somewhere to sit. Between the relative calm near the pool tables and the dancing near the DJ decks at the opposite end, large numbers of large groups enjoy the music and chat by the bar. While the name of “Walking Street” is shown on a lit-up London Underground-style sign outside, it is the big red Cadillac hanging from the wall of the small alley leading to the front door which gives this place its common name.

  • Opening Hours: 20:00 – late
  • Address: 89 Walking Street, South Pattaya
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 871 1005
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The Hard Rock brand is synonymous with classic rock tunes and belly filling Tex-Mex food, and that’s exactly what you get at Hard Rock Café Pattaya. From the guitar shaped sign that blinks overhead as you arrive, to the rock memorabilia on the walls and the keyboard styled bar, Hard Rock Café delivers an unmistakable slice of Americana to the heart of Pattaya Bay. In the daytime, there is a pool next to the café that day visitors are permitted to use for a fee, and at night, the café comes alive with the sounds of Asia’s premier rock cover bands. Located prominently on Beach Road, in between Soi 6 and 7, Hard Rock Café is centrally located and is unmissable thanks to the giant guitar head stretching out over the restaurant. Read More...

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While there is no shortage of beer bars in Pattaya, finding somewhere that is suitable for all ages, places an emphasis on the quality of the food and expertly brews its own beer is not at all easy. Thankfully, Hopf Brew House scores high on all three counts and should be experienced at least once for their German-inspired pork knuckle and wiener sausages, down to earth ambiance and a musical treat performed nightly. Hopf is located on Beach Road at the corner of Soi 13/1 – nicknamed Soi Yamato. Read More...

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Horizon Rooftop Bar and Restaurant at Hilton Pattaya Hotel offers the most sophisticated space in the whole city in which to enjoy a premium cocktail or even some excellent fusion cuisine. Spread out expansively across the 34th floor, this breezy rooftop bar in Pattaya has a 360 degree panoramic view of Pattaya City and the endless ocean. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 17:00 – 01:00
  • Location: 34th Floor, Hilton Pattaya Hotel, Beach Road on the corner of Soi 9 (above Central Festival Pattaya shopping mall)
  • Tel: +66 (0) 38 253 000
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Insomnia Nightclub on Walking Street is the liveliest club in Pattaya and packs the crowds in seven nights a week, playing bass-fuelled house and techno music to an energetic clientele of mostly foreign men and beautiful Thai women. Visually stunning, Insomnia in Pattaya has a range of lasers that swish over the heads of the crowd with a piercing light that helps to create a hedonistic, ‘anything goes’ environment. The club is on the second floor with an open-faced chill out bar below, there’s no dress code and single drinks cost around 150-200 baht for beers or spirits, although a happy hour runs from 22:00 to 24:00 with 50% off all drinks. Entry is free all night. Read More...

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Mixx Nightclub in Pattaya is glitzy and glamorous with two spacious rooms playing a range of party music to an international crowd of revelers. It is a club that has successfully combined an up market, sophisticated décor with a fun-loving party vibe and attracts a mixture of Walking Street clientele, couples, locals and young Thais down from Bangkok. Mixx Discotheque is found at the end of Walking Street – if you manage to navigate your way through the myriad of girls and bars and flashing lights of the most infamous street in Pattaya, you will see the luminous Mixx sign shining from the top of Bali Hai Plaza. Read More...

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Pattaya Beer Garden with Muay Thai bouts

Located at the entrance to Walking Street, Pattaya Beer Garden is, for many, a relaxed way to ease yourself into a night at the clubs with a few quiet drinks or a cheap meal. However, its great view across the bay and mix of rock and pop music makes this an extremely popular venue in its own right. Although not strictly part of the Beer Garden, the complex of pink neon-lit beer bars you have to walk past to reach it are equally popular and fun, but with an extra dose of excitement because of the live Muay Thai boxing fights held right in the centre. The fights are exhibition bouts only so it doesn’t have the same excitement as a real prize fight but it’s still a fun spectacle.  

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – late
  • Location: Beach Road, South Pattaya
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 871 0754
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The Pier Disco Club Pattaya

Regularly drawing big-name DJs from Ibiza, the US and across Asia as well as huge crowds of fun-loving hip-hop fans, The Pier is especially popular amongst Pattaya’s high society. Any vaguely special day is an excuse for a party and The Pier’s party is likely to be amongst the best in town. With a large, multi-level interior and more laser lights, disco balls and smoke machines than any other club on Walking Street, a state-of-the-art sound system, a huge LED screen and beautiful coyote dancers, it delivers a complete entertainment experience.

  • Opening Hours: 19:30 – late
  • Address: 190 Walking Street, South Pattaya
  • Tel: +66 (0)81 177 7085
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The Roof Sky Bar & Restaurant Pattaya is a fun and lively place to chill out throughout the day and night. Found atop the Siam@Siam Design Hotel, it has an eclectic modern style, outstanding views across Pattaya Beach and is the home of memorable pool parties and film nights.

The open-air eatery covers two levels. On the 24th floor is the main restaurant part while the pool bar is up on the 25th. Both are colourful and creative additions to the more family-friendly nightlife of North Pattaya, as well as serving a fine collection international dishes and inventive cocktails like the Ice Bomb and SOS Flambe. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 07:00 – 24:00
  • Address: 24th Floor, Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya, 390 Moo 9, Pattaya 2nd Road, North Pattaya
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 893 0600
  • Cuisine: International
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Soi Buakhao

Soi Buakhao is increasingly known as the new Walking Street. Running all the way from Pattaya Klang to Pattaya South Road, the narrow road is somewhat less family-friendly than its more famous predecessor – which is saying something. It attracts an older audience, so has fewer high energy night clubs. Instead, it has more beer bars, ladyboy bars and go-go bars than anywhere else in the city. Notable off-shoots include Action Street (where every single bar is a ladyboy bar) and Soi LK Metro (where the same can nearly be said about go-go bars, but there are also a few highly-regarded sports bars).

  • Location: South Pattaya
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The Sportsman Pub Pattaya is one of the most popular British-style pubs in the city, which is saying quite a lot considering this is a tourist town bursting full of places to drink. Located just off the main Beach Road on Soi 13, this long running British boozer has a daily line-up of live sports, and delivers a warm and welcoming atmosphere alongside some great food.The star attraction, without a shadow of doubt, is the Sunday lunch. The friendly and cheerful owner makes the bold claim that he has the best carvery in town, which is served between 12:30 and 20:30 and consists of two soups, five roasted joints, a steak-and-kidney pie, and a full range of trimmings. It is a claim which he undoubtedly delivers on.  Read More...

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Ladyboy Cabaret

Pattaya Beach's cabaret shows offer harmless and exotic entertainment suitable for the whole family. Expect over-the-top costumes, opulent sets and buxom bosoms that defy gravity. 

Alcazar Cabaret Show

Beautiful transsexuals mime old and new favourites, deliver comic impersonations and dramatic skits while dressed in glitzy outfits. Tourists by the busload. 

  • Opening Hours: 17:00, 18:30, 20:00 and 21:30
  • Location: 78/14 Pattaya 2nd Road, North Pattaya
  • Tel: +66 (0)81 781 1703
  • Tour Available: Alcazar Cabaret Show
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A low-key, open-air ladyboy cabaret nestled amidst a cluster of beer bars on Second Road. No entry fee, just roll up and order a beer. 

  • Opening Hours: 20:45 (except Mondays)
  • Location: Corner of Soi 13 Pattaya Second Road
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A Pattaya institution and must-see suitable for all ages. With over 30 years of lip pouting, eyelash fluttering and hip swiveling under its garter, this is Southeast Asia's oldest, and perhaps most opulent, ladyboy cabaret. Performances at 18:00, 19:30 and 21:00 each night take place inside a palatial 1,000-seat theatre as dazzling as the show.

  • Opening Hours: 18:00, 19:30, 21:00
  • Location: 464 Moo 9, Pattaya Second Road, North Pattaya
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