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    Pattaya Walking Street Go-Go Bar


    What’s Up A-Go-Go is well-known as one of the most expensive clubs on Walking Street, but remains probably the most popular nonetheless, with punters packed to the rafters every night. A combination of stunning dancers, exciting shows, good music and a great layout keeps people coming even throughout the low season.

    Found a short distance down Soi 15, the place is sometimes called What’s Up Imagine Club or What’s Up Playgirls. Whatever the correct name, it is situated just past Angelwitch Ago-Go and is virtually impossible to miss. The white frontage with the giant silvery question mark really stands out on the dark soi.

    The colour scheme continues inside, with practically every surface being white or mirrored. With the comfortable seating all around and the angelic girls up on stage, it is quite easy to believe that you have died and gone to Heaven as you stepped through the doors. The drinks menu will bring you crashing back to Earth, however, with local beers and soft drinks prices starting from 185 baht, spirits from 215 baht and lady drinks at 250 baht each.

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  • Part of what makes What’s Up A-Go-Go stand out from the dozens of other similar bars in Pattaya is the layout of its stages. While the majority of go-gos have one long central stage with tiered seating along the walls, What’s Up has three or four smaller stages dotted around the large room, each accommodating about six to eight beautiful (and extremely scantily-clad) girls dancing to the club beats. During some of the special shows, punters from the audience will get a seat on one of the stages for a very ‘hands-on’ experience. There is also a shower show, some rather more lewd performances and some top-class performances by professional dancers.

    The girls at What’s Up are renowned for being among the fittest and most trim in the city. They are also very friendly and certainly won’t shy away from interacting with guests. On the downside, with the aforementioned 250-baht lady drinks, such interactions can get very expensive very quickly. The girls and servers do have a bit of a reputation for being on the pushy side when it comes to getting you to buy drinks, but not aggressively so. Many of the girls speak English fairly well and the music is not so loud as to make conversation impossible, so is relatively easy to enjoy the company of your new friend.

    What’s Up A-Go-Go is one of the older clubs on Walking Street and its excellent reputation is a big part of what allows them to charge so much for drinks (among other things). It is a reputation they have earned and justly deserve. If you want a great go-go experience in Pattaya and your budget is fairly forgiving, What’s Up is the place to go. Even if you are limited in how much you can spend, a brief visit is well worth it.

    What’s Up A-Go-Go

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