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    Pattaya Walking Street Go-Go Bar


    Sweethearts A Gogo Pattaya is known for its relatively cheap drinks (by Walking Street standards) and a very friendly atmosphere. Strictly-speaking, this is a table-dancing club rather than a go-go bar, and is well-known for its very welcoming staff – both the girls and the owners – making it one of the must-visit venues on a night of partying in Pattaya.

    Opening its doors in March 2007, Sweethearts replaced what was previously The Roof and Highway Star A-GoGo before that. Unlike those Pattaya go-go bars which depended on outrageous naughtiness or supermodel-stunning girls for their continued success, this quite small place opposite Infinity Ago Go boasts the sort of vibe you would expect of your local neighbourhood watering hole – albeit with significantly smaller uniforms on the servers.

    The low drinks prices are also undoubtedly a major draw and, while they’re not the absolute cheapest on Walking Street, they are very close. Arrive early for the 20:30 to 21:30 happy hour and you can get house spirits, soft drinks and draught beer from just 65 baht. After 21:30, the prices go up to a still reasonable 85 baht for draught beer and about 120 baht for spirits. Bottled beers cost 130 baht, as do lady drinks.

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  • The ladies at Sweethearts A Gogo Pattaya certainly are sweethearts, being very friendly and welcoming and even fairly attractive, though not in the same league as those from the 5 best go-go bars in Pattaya. They are also fairly conservative, for Walking Street, with almost all of them dressed in at least a bikini and stockings – usually black or red to match the décor, though white is increasingly the colour of choice. They are certainly not prudish about sitting and chatting to customers and they are not noted for being unusually pushy when it comes to lady drinks and more.

    The table-dancing layout, featuring many small stages rather than one big one, lends the bar a more personal feel, making it feel a little less like a glorified cattle market than some other places on Walking Street. The choice of classic rock music instead of the typical over-loud dance music also contributes to the sense that this is more of a bar than a club and makes it a more attractive choice for older visitors. If you are looking for seriously saucy go-go action then Sweethearts probably isn’t for you, but those who want a fun, hassle-free night out and some pleasant company will certainly enjoy it.

    Sweethearts A Gogo

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