Soi LK Metro

Pattaya Nightlife Area

Soi LK Metro is like a boiled down and concentrated version of the more renowned Walking Street. Despite being no more than 200m in length, it is home to a surprising number of go-go and girlie bars, with next to no other forms of business in evidence except for budget guesthouses and street food vendors. It comes alive every evening with people wanting all of the fun Pattaya is famous for, but without the huge crowds, loud music, fast-paced partying and long distances which characterise Walking Street.

The street takes its name from the LK Metropole hotel on Soi Diana Inn (between Second Road and Soi Buakhao), which the L-shaped road runs behind. The bar staff here are generally more easy-going, less pushy and often able to speak reasonably good English. Another major attraction of Soi LK Metro is the fact that prices are generally lower, with draught beers usually under 80 baht and, in some cases, as low as 60 baht.

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Bars on Soi LK Metro


An Aussie bar, as the name suggests, Billabong is among the biggest and most popular places in Soi LK Metro. It has a large main party area with six big TV screens for watching international sports as well as two free pool tables, free Wi-Fi and low prices on beers and spirits. While bottled beers start from 70 baht each, there are good special promotions to bring the prices down even further. There’s also a live band playing rock and pop most evenings. Technically the restaurant/bar for the Billabong Hotel in the floors above, you can get Thai and international food up to 22:00. The bar has a great atmosphere and many charming hostesses.

  • Opening Hours: All day
  • Location: Back corner of Soi LK Metro, opposite I-Rovers Sports Bar, South Pattaya
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 848 9255
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The Cave Pattaya

Built to resemble its namesake, The Cave promises to rock you with their house band playing from 18:30 to after midnight every evening. Opened in December 2014, the custom-built venue was specifically designed for live rock music, with the stage at the back, the bar along the left-hand wall and and five flat-screen TVs dotted around the room showing a live feed of the stage so that you can see what’s going on from any angle. There is also space out front to have a few drinks if you feel it’s getting too stuffy inside. Drinks prices are pretty reasonable, with spirits (with free mixers) from 65 baht and all beers just 55 baht during the 18:00 to 21:00 happy hour.

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Champagne Agogo

First opening in August 2005, Champagne is probably the most popular go-go bar in Soi LK Metro. It has undergone a few renovations through its life and is now a flashy, modern place. While the stage design is nothing unusual for Pattaya (a long central stage with chrome poles and about six or seven dancers at a time), the seating is a bit more creative, including some elevated little booths for a slightly more personal experience and a better view while maximising the seating capacity. There are also regular special acrobatic shows and a shower show. Draught beer is reasonably priced at 85 baht while bottled beer and lady drinks are slightly costly at 125 baht and 150 baht respectively.

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Crystal Club Agogo

Formerly Lolitas Gentleman’s Club, Crystal Club opened in July 2013 and rapidly became one of the more popular places on Soi LK Metro. It has a clean, modern look which suits its name, with a large central stage accommodating six dancers. Drinks prices start at just 69 baht for draught beer, though bottled beers are around 125 baht and lady drinks around 130 baht.

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I-Rovers Sports Bar

I-Rovers was originally named The Irish Rovers, but was bought by an Englishman, who completely renovated it and renamed it. It now has a very open, modern design with dozens of flat-screen televisions showing different sports. There is also a pool table, a couple of darts boards, a few guesthouse rooms upstairs and a large projector screen for showing the night’s biggest sporting events. I-Rovers is perhaps best known as the home of the best and cheapest full English breakfast in Pattaya, costing just 99 baht.

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Kilkenny Bar and Guesthouse

A large and very popular bar in the back corner of Soi LK Metro, Kilkenny is similar in nature to the Billabong Bar it is situated opposite. It has a great, well-established atmosphere and good drinks prices, as well as plenty of TV screens showing international sports and a couple of pool tables. While the hostesses are friendly, this is not a girlie bar. It is just a good place to take it easy and have a few cheap drinks.

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Murphy’s Law Irish Pub LK Metro

Despite its modest size, Murphy’s Law is probably the most iconic bar on Soi LK Metro, which is doubtless because of its larger-than-life owner, Steve. He has now opened a second bar of the same name in East Pattaya, which is just as popular as this one. Murphy’s Law has great craic, cheap beers (local beers for 65 baht, imported beers for 75 baht and various stouts and ciders available) and even a couple of cheap guesthouse rooms upstairs.

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The Office A Go-Go

Despite its name, The Office does not really have a workplace theme. In fact, the layout is nothing unusual – a long central stage with five or six dancers at a time, surrounded by tiered seating and mirrors. Having opened in August 2010 in the place formerly occupied by Ice Bar, Gorkle and Memories, it has remained popular largely because the drinks prices are among the lowest. Draught beer is just 65 baht while bottled beer is 110 baht and lady drinks are 135 baht.

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It’s difficult to tell exactly what the name of this bar is supposed to be since the impressive sign on the door actually reads “Pandors”. However, once you get past that, you find a very good bar with a very narrow main stage and friendly staff. The bar was originally a coyote bar when it opened in October 2015 but converted to a go-go a few months later, but without expanding in size, making it one of the smaller venues on Soi LK Metro. However, it also retained impressive drinks prices, including large draught beers from 65 baht, draught cider from 90 baht and bottled beer at 120 baht.

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Paradise A Gogo

Paradise is one of very few go-gos on Soi LK Metro to operate a strict no smoking policy which gives the place a fresher and cleaner atmosphere than others. Originally opened in December 2011, it was renovated in 2014 and now has a cool modern look reminiscent of Crystal Club. It is now under the same management as Sweethearts A Gogo on Walking Street. The price for draught beer is 69 baht while bottled beers are 120 baht and lady drinks are 150 baht.

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Showgirls Entertainment Centre

Showgirls has a very unusual layout, being a little like an amphitheatre. The stage is along the left wall with two rows of chrome poles and as many as ten dancers at a time. The rest of the room is made up of tiers of seating, rising so that everyone gets a good view. Drinks prices are very good, with draught beer at 65 baht, bottled beer from 115 baht and lady drinks from 125 baht.

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Sugar Sugar

Sugar Sugar’s speciality is its regular themed nights, with the dancers dressed up as cowgirls, animals, soldiers or any number of other fancy dress outfits. They are very friendly and their fun-loving nature creates a great atmosphere in the fairly plush and swanky-styled club. Draught beer costs 65 baht, bottled beer is 120 baht and lady drinks are a little bit pricy at 150 baht.

  • Opening Hours: 19:30 – 03:00
  • Location: 33/75-76 Moo 10, corner of Soi LK Metro and Soi Buakhao, South Pattaya
  • Tel: +66 (0)84 916 8161
  • Website:

Touch Agogo

Opening in December 2015 in the place previously held by Oscars and The Stag’s Head Guesthouse, Touch claims to be ‘a touch above the rest’, which is a bold but believable claim. Aside from the long central stage with seven chrome poles, there is a smaller bed-like stage to one side with a shower stage behind it. Drinks prices are on the higher side, however, with draught beer for 75 baht and bottled beers around 130 baht.

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Soi LK Metro

  • Location: Around the LK Metropole, connecting Soi Buakhao and Soi Diana Inn
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