15 Ways to Make an Unforgettable Pattaya Bachelor Party

Your Guide to Organising Your Last Night of Freedom in Pattaya

Pattaya is well-known as a boy’s paradise, making it the ideal place for a bachelor, bucks or stag party. With its seemingly limitless bars, strip clubs, discos and, of course, the legendary Thai ladyboys, the only thing missing is the obligatory inflatable sheep and a set of antlers.

It isn’t just the nightlife, either: there is plenty for groups of guys to do during the day to celebrate the approach of the big day.

You could get a tour company to organise your wolf pack’s day of misadventures, but it is entirely possible to plan something yourself and save more money to spend in the bars. We’ve selected the craziest experiences you can enjoy in Pattaya, starting with the tamest and going up to the more extreme options, which you are sure to remember for your entire married life, no matter how much you end up drinking.

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    Enjoy taking it easy in Pattaya’s great weather and party atmosphere around the swimming pool, with cocktails and live DJs playing EDM and hip-hop beats. Be sure to put your best swimming gear on because the pool parties of the ‘Ibiza of the East’ are consistently popular with Pattaya’s fashionable crowd. We recommend checking out Planet Earth Beach Club, but be sure to book ahead to get the best beds and bottle service. Read More...

    There are two or three karting circuits in Pattaya for getting your high-octane action, but we recommend Easy Karts for its excellent facilities and service. The course has two long straights and a couple of tricky turns to test your nerve and skill. With the 270cc carts, you could get as fast as 70 km/h on the 800m main track, with international-standard safety equipment provided and accurate lap times recorded, giving the winner verifiable bragging rights. Read More...

    You get quite a unique view of Pattaya Bay as you are launched into the sky while strapped into a parachute and being pulled along by a speedboat. The skilled drivers can drop you down into the water before once again whisking you into the air for total of 10 fun and thrilling minutes before finally dropping you gracefully onto the floating platform you started from with practised ease. Unlike other parasailing destinations around Thailand, you don’t get a co-pilot on your flight – you’re on your own up there! Read More...

    As one of Thailand’s most popular boating destinations, there are plenty of opportunities to charter a boat for a private booze cruise. From luxury yachts to speedboats, you can take to the calm waters of the Gulf of Thailand and enjoy checking out idyllic desert islands or relax with a bit of fishing. If you want a really memorable trip, though, we recommend checking out the Admirallica – Thailand’s only pirate ship and booze cruise! Read More...

    The Hooters brand is known for its fun times, great food and, of course, its buxom servers. The Pattaya branch adds to the good times with the city’s only mechanical bull. Stay on the bucking beast for a full 30 seconds and you win a free beer. Don’t forget to enjoy the dance routines by the Hooters girls every 30 minutes and, if you’re feeling especially adventurous, try the chicken wings with the super-spicy “Triple Dog Dare” sauce. Read More...

    Embarrassing the soon-to-be-husband is an integral part of a good stag party, and Splashdown Waterpark is a great place to do it. Based on the UK TV gameshow “Total Wipeout”, it features increasingly challenging giant inflatable obstacles, with the so-called Big Red Balls being particularly tricky. It’s called “Splashdown” for a reason, and that reason is that you will very regularly find yourself hitting the water as you fall from the inflatables, leaving your mates laughing hard. Read More...



    If you really want to get the blood pumping, try leaping out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft while 4,000m above the ground! The view from that far up is amazing, taking in the coast and the hilly hinterland for miles around, though whether you’ll be able to appreciate it while you freefall at 200km/h is a different matter. If you can manage to survive that, walking down the aisle should be a breeze!

    As the sun begins to set, it’s time to kick your bachelor party into high gear. If you’re going to do it, you’ve got to do it right, with rooftop drinks as the light fades. The Horizon Bar at the top of the Hilton Hotel, being way up on the 34th floor, is unrivalled both in terms of the view and the choice of buy-one-get-one-free cocktails. It’s the perfect place to rally your wolf pack for the craziness to come. Read More...

    The beer bar is the mainstay of Pattaya’s nightlife, the warm glow of their pink neon lights illuminating half of the sois along Pattaya Beach Road. With their budget beverages and friendly hostesses, they are a good place to get a few drinks and a few laughs to get things going. Each one has a big brass bell hanging above the bar, so reach up and give it a few good rings to buy a round for everyone in the bar – you’ll be the most popular person there in no time. Read More...

    It’s time to party hard! Pattaya has a good selection of nightclubs, the majority of which are found on Walking Street. Book a place in the VIP section with bottle service and get on the dance floor with great EDM, house and hip-hop choices available. The “Red Car Bar” is often a good place to start before working your way down to the other end of the street and Mixx Discotheque, via such highlights as Lucifer, 808, Insomnia and The Pier. Read More...

    No Pattaya bachelor party is complete without a stripper. Fortunately, Pattaya has thousands of them, easily found inside over 100 go-go bars dotted around the city. There are at least 80 in Walking Street alone, with a couple of dozen more in Soi LK Metro. Look out for the more extreme places offering raunchy shows which are well worth watching while you’re still technically unattached. Read More...


    After getting hot under the collar with the steamy go-go shows, it’s time to cool off at V2O Ice Bar. Essentially a giant walk-in freezer, temperatures get down as low as -20°C. Fortunately, there is an extensive selection of vodka shots to keep you warm, as well as winter jackets, gloves and hats. If the chill gets too much, retreat to the warm cocktail lounge for a great selection of signature and classic cocktails. NOTE: Full review scheduled soon. Read More...

    If the main reason for strippers at a bachelor party is to make the groom embarrassed and uncomfortable, imagine how awkward it would be for them if the stripper was a ladyboy! Pattaya can certainly deliver, in that regard, with the best options being Stringfellows A Go-Go or Baby Boom A Go-Go. Both feature dancers of Thailand’s famous third gender, who are very friendly and fun and are sure to make the future groom feel very welcome. Read More...


    Go to the dungeon

    18:00 – late

    Knock on the door to The Castle and a little trap door will open and someone inside will ask if you’ve been there before. Say “yes” (we never found out what happens if you say “no”) and, once you’ve agreed to pay 900 baht for entry and your first drink, you’ll be let into the dungeon. Black clothing is essential and will be provided if you’re not wearing it already. After a girl-on-girl demonstration, usually involving ropes, whips and hot candle wax, you get a guided tour of the available private chambers, each with increasingly impressive options for some BDSM fun. Get the groom strapped up and one of the mistresses will prepare him for married life!

    After a wild last of freedom, you need a hotel which is convenient to reach from the main party areas of Pattaya and which will perfectly meet your needs, giving you a comfortable place to rest and recover before the big day itself. Check out our list of the best party hotels in the city to find just such a place for your bachelor party. Read More...

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