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Pattaya Beer Bars - Pattaya Nightlife

They are loud, cheap, in your face but often lots of fun. Pattaya's beer bars are legendary! Some are found in enclosed shop-houses, but most come jam-packed together inside tatty open-plan sheds, each comprising little more than a few stools and raised speakers assembled around a central bar.

Beer bars have long been the ‘face’ of Pattaya, and many visitors come here just to get a taste of them, while many more end up life-long ‘addicts’. Brightly lit with pink neon, the ubiquitous beer bars, for better or for worse, offer a true taste of Pattaya nightlife.

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What’s a Beer Bar?

There are hundreds scattered around town, with many opening from around midday onwards and serving beers (during happy hours especially) for around the 50 baht mark. Each 'establishment’ employs numerous hostesses to lure you in, serve you drinks and flirt with you. If the conversation is a little stilted, they'll try connecting with you on another level: with a game of Connect 4 or Jenga.

Where to Go

You’ll find them all over Pattaya, but the densest concentrations are to be found in and around Walking Street, lower Beach Road, at various points on Second Road (around Soi 2 and 3, between Soi 7-13), and Sois 6, 7 and 8. Those in Central and North Pattaya Beach are mellower than in South Pattaya. Many commence dispensing their irritating-to-some, irresistible-to-others mix of cheap beers, frenetic Issan (Northeastern) music and shouts of “Hey handsome” long before midday.

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Pattaya Beer Bars

Pattaya Beer Bars

Pattaya's beer bars are loud, cheap, in your face but often lots of fun. Some are found in enclosed shop-houses, but Read More...

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