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  • 5 Go-Go Bars in Pattaya

    Nightlife on Pattaya Walking Street

    Anyone who has ever been to Pattaya will know about Walking Street: around 500 metres of bar after bar of dancing girls and nightlife entertainment. Even outside the bars, groups of girls wave and call at all passersby to try and entice them inside. Things get going from around 20:00 until late into the night and the street is a constant throng of tourists.

    Go-Go bars come in many shapes and sizes, but the typical elements include a bar, a central stage with several poles, and lots of seating facing the stage. Girls will dance on stage to club music, replaced every few songs with a new group of dancers. In between dancing, these girls will mingle with the crowd, and are happy to have a chat in return for a free drink.

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    What’s Up Go-Go Club is usually packed with customers. The club has seating around the periphery, banks of stools around two dancing stages and around a Jacuzzi bathtub towards the rear of the club. What’s Up has exotic shows every 30 minutes. Read More...

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    Baccara A Go Go

    Famous for its glass ceiling, Baccara Go-Go is among the most popular on Walking Street with happy hour draft beers and plenty of seating with clear views of the stage.

    • Location: Next to Abe’s Bar, near Soi BJ, Walking Street, South Pattaya
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    Alcatraz is a go-go bar with a prison theme, and is perhaps the biggest go-go bar on all of Walking Street. Expect lots of faux-prison cells and handcuffs. There are special deals on draft beer from 20:00-22:00 and a lounge upstairs which can be booked for parties, stag nights and the like.

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    Airport Club
    Airport Club

    Much like a real airplane, this club has packed in as much as humanly possible into their available space and as such it can become quite a squeeze, even uncomfortable if you sit around the central stage near the door. There is far more space back towards the bar.

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    Iron Club is one of the most raucous and crazy go-go bars in Pattaya. The design of the club is quite special, with girls dancing on suspended stages towards the rear of the club. There are two main dance stages and a Jacuzzi bath. Read More...

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