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  • 12 Reasons Why Pattaya Bar Girls can be Weird

    Strange Habits of Bar Girls in Pattaya


    Pattaya bar girls have some unusual habits, which can be quite jarring for first-timers in the city. Some of these idiosyncrasies are quite cute, in their way, while others can be deeply frustrating. Either way, it is best to have some idea of what to expect. If you get surprised by a certain kind of behaviour and you respond to it in the wrong way, it could lead to arguments and unnecessary complications in what would otherwise be a fun-filled evening in Thailand’s party capital.

    From the wealth of stories to emerge from the city’s naughty nightlife, we have picked out the 12 most remarkable reasons why Pattaya bar girls are weird. Some of them are common complaints and frustrations which it is best to be ready to handle while others are just plain odd. Even the 12 habits listed below are barely scratching the surface of the utter randomness you are likely to find around the major party areas of Pattaya, so it is advisable to keep a very open mind.

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  • 1. She thinks everyone is handsome
    Walk past any beer bar in Pattaya and you will, without a shadow of doubt, hear the plaintiff siren call from the girls within: “Hello, handsome man!” It doesn’t matter who you are or how you look, you will still hear their chorused voices, slightly gravelly from drinking and shouting too much in loud, smoky bars, beckoning you to a bar stool. Pattaya bar girls must have a very broad definition of ‘handsome’.

    2. She seems to have a very short memory
    The first few minutes of conversation with a bar girl will always follow exactly the same routine: “What your name?” “Where you come from?” “How old you?” “You buy me drink?” You’ll be quite lucky if she even understands your answers to these quick questions (except for the last one). If she can actually recall the information 10 minutes later, it probably means she’s taking a special interest in you. To be fair, she probably asks the same questions a few dozen times every night.

    3. They all have the same nickname
    Thai names are often long and quite complicated, including syllables which are almost impossible for a western tongue to wrap itself around. For this reason, most Thais have a short and simple nickname. In the case of bar girls, there seems to be an unusual amount of people named “Lek” or “Noi”, both of which translate as ‘small’. It can be a good idea to give yourself a nickname, too, as trying to get a bar girl to correctly pronounce an unusual western name in a noisy bar is an exercise in futility.

    4. She is afraid of ghosts
    This particularly applies to girls from Issan, which is an unusually superstitious part of the country. It is not unusual for your new girlfriend to claim to have had a ghostly encounter, to refuse to be left alone in a hotel room for even the smallest stretch of time or to avoid certain parts of town for fear of malevolent spirits. As ludicrous as it may seem, they take the supernatural very seriously, so it is not advisable to make fun of it.

    5. She doesn’t like the sun
    In Thailand, skin tone says a lot about your social class. Darker skin means you spend more time in the sun, which means that you probably have a manual labour job, which means you are lower class. This is why whitening creams are so popular in Thailand and why redheads, with their naturally very pale skin, are often considered particularly attractive. If you are dating a bar girl, don’t expect her to join you in sunbathing or any kind of outdoor activity.

    6. She gets jealous very easily
    If you ‘date’ a bar girl more than once, they might start to consider you their boyfriend, which will make them very jealous if you start paying attention to any other girl. They may also get suspicious of you going anywhere on your own and, if you give them your phone number, they will frequently call to check up on you. It should be noted that Hell really does have no fury like a woman scorned, and the jealousy of a Thai bar girl is something we’d strongly advise against encouraging. In fact, it is generally advisable to only ‘date’ a girl once and then move on to a completely different bar.

    7. She seems to have a huge family
    As part of a ploy to get you to buy more lady drinks, bar girls will often try to tell you that one of their colleagues is their sister or cousin. In fact, if the girl is quite young, she might even describe an older girl in the bar as her mother! In some cases, you may also see them talking to a Thai man, who they will tell you is a brother or cousin but, in truth, is much more likely to be their boyfriend. The Thai word for ‘cousin’ is quite flexible in its application.

    8. Her endurance is inconsistent
    It is entirely possible for a bar girl to dance in decidedly uncomfortable shoes for countless hours in a nightclub without stopping for a break. However, present her with a walk of more than a couple of hundred metres and she’ll be looking around for a motorbike taxi or baht bus. Similarly, she can go all night with barely a bite to eat, but will want to be constantly grazing throughout the day.

    9. She doesn’t adapt well to western culture
    You could take a bar girl to the fanciest restaurant in town for a three-course steak dinner, but she’d much rather be sat on the floor, tucking into somtam from a street food cart. This is why almost all western restaurants in Pattaya also have a small selection of Thai dishes. If you’re going to spend time with her, it’s the Thai way or the highway!

    10. They all have been in Pattaya for only a few months
    If you ask a bar girl (particularly a go-go girl) how long she has lived and worked in Pattaya, you will almost always get the same answer: only a few months. It’s not difficult to guess why they do this. They’re hoping to snag a husband and they believe their chances will be improved if they give the impression that they are not too…let’s say “experienced”…in their profession. Suffice it to say that you could return to the same bar next year and they’ll still be telling people that they’re new to the job.

    11. She sleeps most of the day
    A lot of people think Thai bar girls are lazy because they sleep like logs for most of the day. However, in their defence, they are on a constant night shift, usually working in the bar until dawn and only then going for something to eat before finally going to sleep. Given that they’ll have to go right back to this routine once your holiday is over, don’t expect them to make much of an effort to adjust their circadian rhythm.

    12. She’s a demon with a pool cue
    A lot of the bars in Pattaya have a pool table squeezed into one corner. The girls, often having nothing better to do with their time, get a lot of practise on it. So, even if you fancy yourself a bit of an 8-ball champ, you might find yourself being utterly humiliated by a little girl in high heels and a skimpy dress, especially if a wager is involved! The same goes for Connect Four, with the exception of the two games she’ll allow you to win. In fact, the only game you have even a fighting chance of beating a bar girl at is Jackpot, and only because it is a game of pure chance.

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