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  • -5 Ice Bar and Lounge in Pattaya

    Drink shots in a bar made entirely from Ice

    Dressing up in Eskimo coats and gloves seems bizarre in Pattaya – it’s a tropical city after all – but it’s a necessary prelude to the most unusual bar in the city. -5 Ice Bar is, quite simply, a bar made out of ice. Actually, it’s two bars: as you enter the building there is a sophisticated lounge full of funky white sofas, candles and disco lights, which leads into the room that gives the bar its name: a sort of walk-in freezer in which everything has been shaped from ice (everything except the vodka bottles, anyway). The bar, seats and even glasses have been crafted from transparent blocks of ice, and makes for the most surreal drinking experience you can have in Pattaya. Located next door to the Amari Nova Suites, The Ice Bar in Pattaya is fairly easy to find, about a kilometre down Soi 4 of Pattaya 2nd Road.

  • -5 Ice Bar is undoubtedly a gimmick, but after a day on the beach, the idea of sipping vodka in a tuk-tuk shaped chair chipped entirely out of ice is something close to heaven. The speakers pump out bass heavy dance tunes and the lights flash through a kaleidoscope of colours. Even before the drinking there is something adventurous about getting dressed up in the fur lined arctic parka coats and gloves. These are needed as the ice room is essentially a freezer which has been redesigned into a drinking den. This is not the sort of place you would come on a romantic date, but it is a great pre-club party starter with a group of friends.

    The bar is open from 18:00 to 02:00, although obviously no one wants to stand in sub zero conditions for too long. With that in mind, the owners have developed a flat rate cover charge of 500 baht for 20 minutes of unlimited pre-mixed vodka shots. The drinks come in flavours like guava, watermelon, lemon but they aren’t too strong and have a sweet aftertaste so they’re suitable for both males and females to drink. -5 Ice Bar is fun, funky and unique in Pattaya and makes a great place to start a big night out on the town.

    -5 Ice Bar and Lounge

    • Opening Hours: 18:00-02:00
    • Location: 254 Moo 9 Soi Petchtrakool Nongprue Banglamung Pattaya
    • Tel: 03-842-6768
    • Price Range: 500 baht for 20 minutes unlimited mixed vodka shots

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