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  • 10 Best Nightclubs in Pattaya

    Pattaya’s Best Dance Clubs

    The best nightclubs in Pattaya are a big part of what makes the city such a renowned party destination. Mostly found along the famous Walking Street, they have been pulling in the party animals looking for a lively night on the town for decades. Several of them boast cutting-edge sound and lighting systems and are increasingly attracting big-name international DJs.

    The main musical choices are house, EDM, trance, hip-hop and R&B, with some of the larger, multi-room clubs playing the full spectrum. While most places have a few coyote dancers, the nightclubs of Pattaya are mostly about enjoying the music and having a good time, unlike the many beer bars and go-gos you will find along Walking Street.

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    Mixx Discotheque is the most glitzy and glamorous of the nightclubs in Pattaya, and incredibly popular as a result. Located on the upper floor of the building just after the end of Walking Street, it has over 900 square metres of floor space divided into two rooms; the luxuriously-styled Rouge Club playing hip-hop and R&B music and the modern and funky Crystal Palace playing house and trance. A young, lively crowd is attracted by big-name local and international DJs, creating a fun vibe and keeping the place packed throughout the night. Read More...

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    The Pier Disco Club Pattaya Walking Street

    The Pier is another very high-class venue, featuring a state-of-the-art sound system, a huge LED screen, a multi-level design and more laser lights, disco balls and smoke machines than any other place in Pattaya. The almost blindingly bright frontage (with LED screens even in the stairs you climb up to the entrance) draws you into a chic and modern interior which is usually packed with young party-goers and many of the more high-society locals. Trance and house music is played by excellent local and international DJs.

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    Lucifer Disko TK Walking Street
    Lucifer Disko TK

    One of the older, well-established names on Walking Street, Lucifer Disko is the best place in Pattaya for hip-hop. The club is divided into two areas, both of which share the same Hell-themed design, like the interior of an infernal cavern. The front area is just like a regular and pretty relaxed bar while the main room, further in, has an excellent live group and speakers taller than half the clubbers! Not one of the biggest clubs on the street, but it is certainly one of the most popular and is generally packed by 23:00.

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    Candy Shop Walking Street
    Candy Shop

    Candy Shop looks a bit like a beach club from the outside, with palm trees, fountains and big soft chairs and sofas. Further in, you’ll find a long central bar, a small but busy dance floor and a great live act playing hip-hop and R&B from 21:00 onwards. Despite the fact that the space immediately around the stage gets a little bit cramped, there is loads of barely-used space behind it, where you will find a couple of pool tables and the toilets. Another of the older names on Walking Street, Candy Shop is particularly popular with the local Thais.

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    Marine Disco Walking Street

    Marine Disco is the original nightclub in Pattaya. It has been on Walking Street for decades and remains extremely popular with locals and tourists. It has been heavily modernised, with bright LED screens along the front and modern light and sound systems inside, so it does not show its venerable age. Playing house and EDM music, Marine gets really busy around 01:00 and remains that way until the early morning. Located fairly close to Walking Street’s famous tree, it is the Pattaya nightclub most popular with the local ladyboys.

    • Opening Hours: 21:00 – late
    • Location: 114 Walking Street, South Pattaya
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    Gulliver’s Walking Street Walking Street

    Very nearly the first bar you come to when you enter Walking Street from the Beach Road end, the distinctive London Underground-style sign is the first stop for most nights out and, for many, it is also the last stop. It is rarely known as “Gulliver’s”, more commonly being called the “Red Car Bar” because of the bright red Cadillac stuck to the wall along the narrow alley which takes you up to the entrance. Inside, you will find a kind of pub-like layout, with pool tables, booths and a long central bar. At the far end is a small dancefloor and the DJ’s stage, from which local talent play a good mix of hip-hop and R&B music.

    • Opening Hours: 20:00 - late
    • Location: 89 Walking Street, South Pattaya
    • Tel: +66 (0)3 871 1005
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    Located above the popular iBar, at about the mid-point along Walking Street, this club boasts some stylish décor, great sound and light systems and a large but very busy dance floor, broken up with small stages for coyote dancers. Busiest after midnight, particularly towards the end of the week, the calendar is dotted with regular special themed nights which are always fun and lively. Impressive resident and occasional international guest DJs play a good mix of hip-hop, house and EDM tracks and drinks prices are pretty reasonable too, making it a popular place with tourists and locals alike. Read More...

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    LimaLima Bali Hai Plaza

    LimaLima has a lot in common with Mixx Discotheque, which it is located directly underneath, at the Bali Hai end of Walking Street. It is a modern, trendy venue divided into two rooms, with one playing hip-hop and R&B while the other places trance, house and EDM. It has hosted some of the biggest names ever to grace Pattaya, including Boy George, Bob Sinclar, Tiësto and Fedde Le Grand, yet it has never quite achieved the same level of acclaim as Mixx has. LimaLima is still a great place to party and is especially popular with tourists.

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    Located directly above Candy Shop, 808 has probably the most stylish and innovative designs of any club in Pattaya. It consists of a lot of small tiered areas leading steadily down to the brightly-lit main bar close to the stage, giving the place an almost Colosseum-like shape. This does mean that, while you are your friends can enjoy a certain degree of separation around one of the many tables, it also makes dancing a little trickier as there is no large single flat floor. Playing great house and EDM tracks, it is a chic and trendy place which well-deserves its tagline of “First Class Clubbing”. Read More...

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    Dclub Pattaya Walking Street
    Dclub Pattaya

    Slightly unusual in its design, Dclub Pattaya is a long and narrow venue, boasting the longest bar in Thailand - an impressive 18m in length! From said bar, you can get a typical selection of beers and spirits to enjoy with the mostly hip-hop tracks coming from the DJ's podium adjascent, with occasional special nights for trance and drum and bass. Opening in September 2016 at the Walking Street entrance of Soi Diamond, it quickly developed a great atmosphere.

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    Other Nightclubs in Pattaya

    Discotheque Endorphin Pattaya Walking Street
    Discotheque Endorphin Pattaya

    Opened in December 2014, Endorphin is found roughly opposite Marine Disco. It has a bright, funky style with ‘80s style disco lights across the floors and walls. It holds fun themed nights and special circus-like performances between great dance and EDM music sets, which has fast made it quite a popular venue with tourists and locals. The fun vibe, good drinks offers and many coyote dancers around the modestly-sized place are also major draws.

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    Ankor Incredible Indian Club Walking Street
    Ankor Incredible Indian Club

    Formerly known as Tony’s Entertainment Complex and as Abyzz Club, Ankor (also known as Tony’s Indian Club) is still a part of Tony’s Group, best known for owning a number of gyms around the city. Oddly enough, that also includes this place, which has a swimming pool and workout facilities. In addition, there is a ground floor chill-out and shisha lounge, with an upstairs disco. The upstairs area also has a balcony overlooking Walking Street. The disco has an ostentatious South Asian/Middle Eastern theme, with Michelangelo-style ceiling murals, and naturally attracts a lot of tourists from that part of the world.

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    Grand Fever Discotheque Walking Street
    Grand Fever Discotheque

    Formerly Pulse Disco, this huge venue reopened as Grand Fever Disco (commonly known just as Fever Disco) in 2014 and has since been quite successful, particularly with Indian tourists. It has a well-planned layout, with a big circular bar right in the middle and a high stage along the one wall, which plays host to a wide variety of local bands, dancers and live DJs. There is also a raised balcony around the entire edge of the room for those who want to enjoy the show without getting in the way of those dancing. There’s even a patio area accessible from the balcony, with a great view out over Pattaya Bay. The music is loud and the drinks prices are pretty reasonable for a Walking Street club, starting at 100 baht for a beer.

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