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    GrabTaxi in Pattaya is an easy and convenient way to get into, out of, and around the city, taking a significant amount of hassle out of finding transport. While Pattaya is not a particularly difficult place to navigate, a comfortable and convenient taxi cab can be tricky to find. This helpful smartphone app makes it so that the cab finds you.

    GrabTaxi allows you to book a taxi, select a pick-up point and destination and provides an estimate of the total journey cost. The interface is very user-friendly, making it very easy to plan your trip even if you’re not very familiar with the city’s layout. Being a major international service, the quality standards are very high, so you can be assured of a clean and well-maintained vehicle and a friendly, professional driver.

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  • To arrange a journey with GrabTaxi in Pattaya you will require internet access, either from Wi-Fi, a cheap local SIM card (Thai SIM cards are widely available in convenience stores throughout Pattaya) or potentially expensive data roaming. The app sets your current location as your pick-up point by default, but it can be moved. You can then pick your destination either by searching for a listing on Google or by designating the specific location on a map. This will give you the estimated cost and nearby drivers will then bid for the job. Once one has been selected, the driver will call you to confirm the booking and the app will then provide their exact location, the driver’s profile, the car’s number plate (so you know which vehicle to look out for) and an estimated time before they reach you.

    The number and range of vehicles available on GrabTaxi in Pattaya is currently quite limited, particularly when compared to the same service in Bangkok and Phuket. At the time of writing, there were about 20 regular taxis to choose from, spread around the city and surrounding area, with no other vehicle classes available. As the cabs are so few and far between, requesting a short journey from a remote pick-up point may result in no drivers bidding for the job. Taxis in Pattaya do not generally use their meters, so the driver will usually ask you to agree to a fixed rate at the time of pick-up, but it will always be around the price the app suggested.

    The GrabTaxi app can be downloaded for free on Apple and Android devices and a profile takes very little time to set up. Using the service provides you with an automatic email receipt, making this a particularly convenient mode of transport for business travellers visiting Pattaya.

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