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Everything you Need to Know about Jomtien Beach

As our Jomtien Beach Guide shows, this 6 km straight stretch of sand is a much quieter place compared to its rowdy neighbour to the north. It still has many attractions - some of which are world firsts – but the biggest is, without a doubt, the pleasure of a leisurely day on the sandy shore, splashing in the clean and uncluttered sea and enjoying the cheap seafood snacks available from wandering vendors.

If lazing on the beach isn’t for you, however, there is still plenty to do. Check out our guide to Jomtien Beach for where to find some of the finest restaurants in the area as well as unique attractions such as world-renowned botanical gardens, thrilling water parks and awe-inspiring cultural and religious sites. There is also a great selection of excellent hotels for all budgets.

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  • Top 10 Everything Jomtien Beach

    Top 10 Everything Jomtien

    Our list of the Top 10 Everything in Jomtien Beach will prove that. Take a look at our lists for all the fantastic Read More»

  • 10 Best Hotels in Jomtien Beach

    10 Best Hotels in Jomtien

    Jomtien Beach is located just south of Pattaya Bay but you can get into the centre of the action in only 20 minutes. Read More»

  • Top 5 Shopping in Jomtien Beach

    Top 5 Shopping in Jomtien Beach

    The shopping options in Jomtien centre around unique concepts and malls, along with the ubiquitous beachside stalls that Read More»

  • 10 Best Attractions in Jomtien Beach

    Top 10 Attractions in Jomtien Beach

    Jomtien’s largest attraction is, naturally, it’s extremely long and lively beachfront. However, even several kilometres Read More»

  • 10 Best Restaurants in Jomtien Beach

    10 Best Restaurants in Jomtien

    Restaurants in Jomtien include some of the finest eateries in the area and offer a truly international range. Many of Read More»

  • 10 Best Nightlife in Jomtien Beach

    Top 10 Nightlife in Jomtien Beach

    The nightlife of Jomtien is nothing like that of Pattaya. It has a much slower pace and is far more relaxed and easy Read More»

Where to Stay in Jomtien

Although still relatively peaceful quiet compared to Pattaya Beach Jomtien has seen lots of exciting developments in Read More...

See the Hotels People Like Best in Jomtien Beach

How to find the right hotel for you in Jomtien Beach is now easy: See which hotels have the highest satisfaction rating Read More...

10 Best Hotels in Jomtien Beach

10 Best Hotels in Jomtien

Jomtien Beach is located just south of Pattaya Bay but you can get into the centre of the action in only 20 minutes. Read More...

Most Popular in Jomtien Beach

Nong Nooch Garden

Nong Nooch Garden

Set in a beautifully landscaped park, Nong Nooch Garden can easily make an all-day trip. The entire area is Read More...

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark Pattaya

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark Pattaya

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark near Pattaya is larger and more spectacular than anything of its kind in the world, Read More...

Buddha Mountain Pattaya

Buddha Mountain Pattaya

The largest engraved image of Buddha in the world is a truly spectacular sight and one of the major attractions around Read More...

Jomtien Beach Travel Guide

Jomtien Beach Attractions

Jomtien Attractions A-Z

Jomtien features several cultural sites worth visiting. Explore Pattaya Floating Market, scenic Three Kingdoms Park and Read More...

Jomtien Beach Nightlife

Jomtien Nightlife A-Z

Nightlife on Jomtien Beach is more subdued compared to Pattaya Beach. Nevertheless, you will find open-front beer Read More...

Jomtien Beach Restaurants

Jomtien Beach Restaurants A-Z

The range of food on offer in Jomtien isn’t quite as diverse or delectable as in Pattaya Beach. Swiss, British, German, Read More...

Jomtien Beach Shopping

Jomtien Shopping A-Z

Shopping is not the main highlight of Jomtien Beach. Apart from a handful of beach-side stalls, dive shops, tattoo Read More...

Jomtien Beach Activities

Jomtien Beach Activities

If you prefer a quiet zone during the day, Jomtien Beach has a real beach flavour. It's also Thailand's premier Read More...

Jomtien Beach Map

Our interactive map displays all available hotels with photos, facilities and guest comments as well as attractions, Read More...

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