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  • Pattaya Islands

    What to Do in Pattaya Islands

    Pattaya's islands might not rival the exotic island destinations in the south of Thailand, but they make for the perfect day-trip to enjoy swimming, fishing and coral viewing.

    Ferries run daily from the main port, or catch a speedboat from Pattaya Beach.

  • Koh Pai Group of Islands

    Comprising of Khoh Pai (the largest), Koh Manvichai, Koh Leom and Koh Klung Badan, this group of tiny islands are about 13 km from Pattaya, and takes two hours to reach by boat. Presently under the supervision of the Royal Thai Navy, the islands make the perfect getaway for a day of swimming, snorkeling to view the coral, fishing and chilled-out moments under waving palm trees.

    Koh Krok

    Just a little dot in the ocean comprising mostly of rocks, Koh Krok features just one sandy beach that stretches for about 100 meters on the east side of the island, but it is still popular for coral viewing and to escape from the hustle and bustle on the mainland. 

    Koh Sak

    Shaped like a horse-shoe, Koh Sak is another tiny island - just 600 metres away from Koh Larn and about 10 km west of Pattaya. It has two beaches, one on on the northern and the other on the southern side of the island, with a pathway connecting them. Due to its secluded location, skin-diving to view the coral is popular here.

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