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Hotels in Naklua and hotels in Wongamat include many of the city’s finest five-star beach resorts. Virtually every property by the sand of the small, intimate beaches just to the north of Pattaya Beach is an international or local brand facility of the highest quality. The gaps between are filled with some of the best seafood restaurants in Pattaya. The clean sands offer total relaxation while being only a short journey from the big city and its numerous attractions.

Naklua hotels are found in an area which is still relatively untouched by globalisation, with the surrounding town exhibiting more of a traditional Thai feel than much of the rest of the area. The further north you go, the more old wooden buildings, fishing communities and salt farming you will find (the word “Naklua” translates as “salt fields”). There are also some great attractions in the area, including the iconic Sanctuary of Truth.

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All Hotels in NaKlua and Wongamat

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