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With over 200 hotels, resorts, serviced apartments and guesthouses to choose from, finding where to stay in Pattaya is not a problem. They are all listed here and sorted by starting price in ascending orders, starting from budget (1 star) to deluxe (5 stars) range. Along with the starting price, you will find the hotel’s name, star rating (self-rated) and location. To book, click on the name and it will take you to the hotel’s page where you can book your room online.

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Pattaya Hotels

Low Budget

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  PHC Apartments   Pattaya Hill 552 THB


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Pattaya Holiday Lodge   Pattaya 3rd Road 582 THB
  Billabong Hotel   Central Pattaya 595 THB
  Robins Nest Guesthouse   Central Pattaya 797 THB
  Cucumber Inn   South Pattaya 926 THB


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Nantra Cozy Pattaya   Central Pattaya 510 THB
  The Encore Hotel   Pattaya Beachroad 611 THB
  Sawasdee Sabai   Pattaya 2nd Road 616 THB
  Seven Oaks Inn   Central Pattaya 637 THB
  18 Coins Inn Pattaya   South Pattaya 650 THB
  Sawasdee Pattaya Hotel   Pattaya 2nd Road 661 THB
  Dream Hotel Pattaya   Pattaya 2nd Road 680 THB
  The S Residence   Pattaya 3rd Road 722 THB
  Sea Breeze Jomtien Residence   Jomtien Beach 748 THB
  Opal House Hotel & Restaurant   Jomtien Beach 807 THB
  Bella Vista Hotel & Residence   Pattaya Beachroad 816 THB
  Beach House   Pattaya Hill 850 THB
  Royal Star Guest House   Jomtien Beach 850 THB
  AA Pattaya Hotel   Pattaya Beachroad 918 THB
  Casaviva Inn Hotel   Jomtien Beach 1020 THB
  Eastiny Inn   Pattaya Beachroad 1028 THB
  Hillside Resort Pattaya   South Pattaya 1062 THB
  Chariot Pattaya Residence   South Pattaya 1189 THB
  Sunshine Garden Resort   North Pattaya 1257 THB
  Central Place Hotel   South Pattaya 1300 THB
  Vattui Beach Villa Jomtien   Jomtien Beach 3398 THB
  Fourteen Again   Central Pattaya 8496 THB


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Thai Royal Magic   Jomtien Beach 510 THB
  Ploen Pattaya Residence   Wongamart and NaKlua 527 THB
  The Siam Guest House   Pattaya 2nd Road 548 THB
  Sawasdee Sunshine   Pattaya 2nd Road 591 THB
  Navin Mansion 2   Central Pattaya 595 THB
  Navin Mansion 3   North Pattaya 595 THB
  Bella Villa   Pattaya 3rd Road 637 THB
  P72 Hotel   Pattaya Beachroad 637 THB
  Lake Villas Resort   Outer Pattaya 679 THB
  Riviera Resort Pattaya   North Pattaya 701 THB
  Abricole Pattaya   Pattaya Hill 722 THB
  Pattaya Bay Hotel   Pattaya Hill 748 THB
  Khun Sri Resort - Art Boutique Hotel   South Pattaya 765 THB
  Romeo Palace Hotel   Wongamart and NaKlua 765 THB
  Wood House Pattaya   Wongamart and NaKlua 765 THB
  Sawasdee Siam Hotel   Pattaya 2nd Road 816 THB
  5iVE Beach House Hotel   Jomtien Beach 823 THB
  Euro Star International Hotel   Jomtien Beach 841 THB
  Red Horse Resort   North Pattaya 841 THB
  SuperBed Otel   South Pattaya 849 THB
  Tune Hotel Pattaya   Pattaya 2nd Road 849 THB
  Memo Suite Pattaya   South Pattaya 850 THB
  Nantra De Boutique Hotel   Pattaya Beachroad 850 THB
  R-Con at Siam   Central Pattaya 850 THB
  The Sandara Residence   Central Pattaya 850 THB
  Sawasdee Sea View Pattaya   Pattaya Beachroad 856 THB
  R-Con Blue Ocean   Central Pattaya 867 THB
  R-Con Resident   Central Pattaya 867 THB
  A-ONE Star Hotel   North Pattaya 888 THB
  Bay Breeze Hotel   Pattaya 2nd Road 892 THB
  Au Thong Residence   Wongamart and NaKlua 902 THB
  Holiday Resort Pattaya   Pattaya 3rd Road 918 THB
  Loma Resort & Spa   North Pattaya 926 THB
  Gulf Siam Hotel & Resort Pattaya   North Pattaya 939 THB
  Maleez Lodge Hotel & Restaurant   Central Pattaya 952 THB
  Suppamitr Villa Hotel   Central Pattaya 952 THB
  Chaiyapruek Suites Serviced Residence   Jomtien Beach 956 THB
  R-Con Sea Terrace   Jomtien Beach 963 THB
  The Golden Ville Boutique Hotel   Pattaya 2nd Road 974 THB
  Tevan Jomtien Hotel Pattaya   Jomtien Beach 977 THB
  Chada Thai House Pattaya   Pattaya 2nd Road 1020 THB
  Golden Beach Hotel   Pattaya 2nd Road 1020 THB
  Jomtien Boathouse   Jomtien Beach 1020 THB
  Rome Boutique Hotel & Spa Pattaya   South Pattaya 1020 THB
  Sleep Tight Hotel   South Pattaya 1020 THB
  The Seasons Pattaya   Pattaya 2nd Road 1040 THB
  Angket Hip Residence   Jomtien Beach 1062 THB
  Sabai Inn   Pattaya 2nd Road 1062 THB
  Sunshine One Pattaya   South Pattaya 1062 THB
  Eastiny Seven   Pattaya Beachroad 1071 THB
  Grand Hotel Pattaya   South Pattaya 1096 THB
  Sunshine Hotels & Residences   Pattaya Beachroad 1096 THB
  The Sun Xclusive   South Pattaya 1096 THB
  D Day Resotel Pattaya   Wongamart and NaKlua 1105 THB
  Honey Inn Pattaya   Pattaya 2nd Road 1105 THB
  Mike Beach Resort   Pattaya Beachroad 1105 THB
  Naklua Beach Resort   Wongamart and NaKlua 1105 THB
  Pattaya Garden Apartments Boutique Hotel   South Pattaya 1105 THB
  RS Seaside Jomtien   Jomtien Beach 1105 THB
  Sabai Resort Pattaya   Pattaya 2nd Road 1105 THB
  OZO Pattaya   Pattaya 2nd Road 1120 THB
  Bella Express   Central Pattaya 1147 THB
  Chateau Dale Boutique Residence Pattaya   Jomtien Beach 1147 THB
  R-Con Scenery Mansion   Wongamart and NaKlua 1147 THB
  Seri Place Hotel   Central Pattaya 1147 THB
  H Boutique Hotel   Pattaya 2nd Road 1189 THB
  Mermaid s Beach Resort Jomtien   Jomtien Beach 1189 THB
  The Magnolias Pattaya Boutique Resort   Outer Pattaya 1189 THB
  Welcome Jomtien Beach Hotel   Jomtien Beach 1200 THB
  Eastiny Place Hotel   Pattaya Beachroad 1215 THB
  Citin Loft Pattaya by Compass Hospitality   Pattaya 2nd Road 1232 THB
  Eastiny Residence   Pattaya Beachroad 1232 THB
  Golden Sea Hotel Pattaya   Central Pattaya 1232 THB
  Inrawadee Resort   Jomtien Beach 1236 THB
  JA Villa Pattaya   North Pattaya 1246 THB
  Pattaya Bay Resort   Pattaya 2nd Road 1259 THB
  Ibis Pattaya   Pattaya 2nd Road 1260 THB
  Sunshine Vista Pattaya   Pattaya Beachroad 1269 THB
  Eastiny Plaza Hotel   Pattaya Beachroad 1274 THB
  Pattaya Blue Sky   Pattaya Beachroad 1274 THB
  QD Sweet 4   South Pattaya 1274 THB
  Sandalay Resort   Pattaya Beachroad 1274 THB
  Sarita Chalet & Spa Hotel   Jomtien Beach 1274 THB
  Seaside Jomtien Beach   Jomtien Beach 1274 THB
  The Fourth Pratumnak   Pattaya Hill 1274 THB
  View Talay Residence   Jomtien Beach 1274 THB
  Windmill Resort Hotel   North Pattaya 1274 THB
  Grand Sole Pattaya Hotel   Pattaya 2nd Road 1291 THB
  Neo Hotel Pattaya   Jomtien Beach 1317 THB
  Fairtex Sport Club & Hotel Pattaya   North Pattaya 1338 THB
  Inn Place Serviced Residence   Jomtien Beach 1338 THB
  April Suites   Central Pattaya 1359 THB
  August Suites   Central Pattaya 1359 THB
  Citin Garden Resort Pattaya by Compass Hospitality   South Pattaya 1359 THB
  Flipper House Hotel   Pattaya Beachroad 1359 THB
  Lareena Resort By The Sea Koh Lan   Koh Larn 1359 THB
  Maytara Hotel   Pattaya 2nd Road 1359 THB
  MIND Resort Pattaya   South Pattaya 1359 THB
  Naris Art Hotel   Pattaya Hill 1359 THB
  Jomtien Thani   Jomtien Beach 1368 THB
  Baan Khun Nine   Pattaya Beachroad 1400 THB
  Lantana Pattaya Hotel & Resort   Wongamart and NaKlua 1402 THB
  Inn House Hotel   Pattaya Beachroad 1415 THB
  Baboona Beachfront Living   Pattaya Beachroad 1444 THB
  Hill Fresco Pattaya   Pattaya Hill 1444 THB
  Jomtien Plaza Residence   Jomtien Beach 1444 THB
  LK Paragon Place Pattaya Hotel   North Pattaya 1444 THB
  Sabai Lodge   Pattaya 2nd Road 1444 THB
  The Vogue Hotel   Central Pattaya 1466 THB
  247 Boutique Hotel   Pattaya 2nd Road 1529 THB
  Areca Lodge   Pattaya 2nd Road 1529 THB
  Royal Palace   Pattaya 2nd Road 1529 THB
  Sabai Empress Pattaya   Pattaya 2nd Road 1529 THB
  Sabai Wing   Pattaya 2nd Road 1529 THB
  Splendid Resort Jomtien   Jomtien Beach 1529 THB
  The Beachfront Pattaya   Pattaya Beachroad 1529 THB
  The Leela Resort and Spa   Pattaya 2nd Road 1529 THB
  The Residence Garden Pattaya   South Pattaya 1529 THB
  Twin Palms Resort Pattaya   Pattaya Beachroad 1529 THB
  Wongamat Privacy Residence   Wongamart and NaKlua 1529 THB
  The Now Hotel   Jomtien Beach 1546 THB
  Jomtien Garden Hotel & Resort   Jomtien Beach 1572 THB
  Rita Resort & Residence   South Pattaya 1572 THB
  Green Park Resort   North Pattaya 1606 THB
  Eastiny Resort & Spa   Outer Pattaya 1614 THB
  Royal Twins Palace   Pattaya 2nd Road 1614 THB
  Sea Breeze Jomtien Resort   Jomtien Beach 1657 THB
  Buritara Resort & Spa Jomtien   Jomtien Beach 1699 THB
  Xanadu Beach Resort   Koh Larn 1699 THB
  Baron Beach Hotel   Pattaya Beachroad 1869 THB
  Le Viman Resort   South Pattaya 1869 THB
  New Nordic Hotels Concept Family   Pattaya Hill 1869 THB
  Villa Thongbura   South Pattaya 1946 THB
  View Talay Residence 6   Wongamart and NaKlua 1975 THB
  LK Renaissance   Pattaya 2nd Road 2039 THB
  Mercure Pattaya Ocean Resort   North Pattaya 2100 THB
  The Stay Hotel   Pattaya Beachroad 2107 THB
  Montien Hotel Pattaya   Pattaya Beachroad 2120 THB
  Cholchan Pattaya Resort   Wongamart and NaKlua 2124 THB
  LK Metropole Hotel   Pattaya 2nd Road 2124 THB
  Royal Thai Pavilion Jomtien Boutique Resort   Jomtien Beach 2124 THB
  Jasmina Condo Services At View Talay Condo6   Pattaya 2nd Road 2208 THB
  Long Beach Garden Hotel & Spa   Wongamart and NaKlua 2209 THB
  Tsix5 Hotel   Wongamart and NaKlua 2209 THB
  Golden Cliff House   Pattaya Hill 2294 THB
  Casuarina Jomtien Hotel   Na Jomtien 2379 THB
  Botany Beach Resort   Na Jomtien 2464 THB
  Baywalk Residence Pattaya   Pattaya Beachroad 2634 THB
  Aiyara Palace Hotel   Wongamart and NaKlua 2804 THB
  Prima Villa Hotel   Wongamart and NaKlua 3050 THB
  Villa Villa Pattaya   Outer Pattaya 3144 THB
  Costa Village Pool Villa   Jomtien Beach 3390 THB
  Tabaluga Pool Villas   Wongamart and NaKlua 7647 THB
  View Talay Pool Villas   Jomtien Beach 7876 THB


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  D Varee Jomtien Beach   Jomtien Beach 843 THB
  Manita Boutique Hotel   South Pattaya 850 THB
  Nova Park Service Apartment   Pattaya 2nd Road 909 THB
  R-Con Wongamat   Wongamart and NaKlua 963 THB
  Bella Villa Metro   North Pattaya 1083 THB
  Nova Gold Hotel   Central Pattaya 1100 THB
  Bella Villa Cabana   Outer Pattaya 1105 THB
  Crown Pattaya Beach Hotel   Pattaya Beachroad 1105 THB
  KTK Royal Residence   Central Pattaya 1106 THB
  Royal Orchid Resort   Wongamart and NaKlua 1189 THB
  The Radiance Pattaya   Wongamart and NaKlua 1274 THB
  Trio Hotel Pattaya   North Pattaya 1274 THB
  Woraburi The Ritz Resort and Spa Pattaya   Central Pattaya 1274 THB
  Access Inn Pattaya   Pattaya 3rd Road 1300 THB
  Nova Platinum Hotel   South Pattaya 1300 THB
  Centara Nova Hotel & Spa Pattaya Centara Boutique Collection   Central Pattaya 1330 THB
  Horseshoe Point Resort   Outer Pattaya 1359 THB
  Serene Sands Health Resort   Outer Pattaya 1359 THB
  Eastern Grand Palace   South Pattaya 1384 THB
  Emerald Palace   Pattaya Hill 1402 THB
  Page 10 Hotel   Pattaya 2nd Road 1436 THB
  Centara Pattaya Hotel   Central Pattaya 1440 THB
  Mercure Hotel Pattaya   Pattaya 2nd Road 1444 THB
  Mike Garden Resort   Pattaya 3rd Road 1444 THB
  R-con Rest sea Jomtien   Jomtien Beach 1491 THB
  LK Legend   Central Pattaya 1529 THB
  Mantra Pura Resort Pattaya   North Pattaya 1529 THB
  Nirvana Boutique Suites   Jomtien Beach 1572 THB
  Lakkhana Poolside Resort   Wongamart and NaKlua 1575 THB
  KTK Regent Suite   Central Pattaya 1588 THB
  Fifth Jomtien The Residence   Jomtien Beach 1598 THB
  A-One Royal Cruise Hotel   Pattaya Beachroad 1602 THB
  Grand Jomtien Palace   Jomtien Beach 1614 THB
  Hotel J Pattaya   North Pattaya 1614 THB
  Jomtien Beach Penthouses   Jomtien Beach 1614 THB
  Asia Pattaya Beach   Pattaya Hill 1641 THB
  Bella Villa Prima   Pattaya 2nd Road 1661 THB
  The Siamese Hotel   Pattaya 3rd Road 1691 THB
  Citrus Parc Pattaya by Compass Hospitality   South Pattaya 1699 THB
  LK Royal Suite   Central Pattaya 1699 THB
  LK Royal Wing   Central Pattaya 1699 THB
  Miracle Suite   South Pattaya 1699 THB
  The Bayview Pattaya   Pattaya Beachroad 1720 THB
  Amari Nova Suites Pattaya   Pattaya 2nd Road 1750 THB
  A-ONE Pattaya Beach Resort   North Pattaya 1770 THB
  Way Hotel   Wongamart and NaKlua 1784 THB
  At Mind Serviced Residence   Pattaya 2nd Road 1805 THB
  Baan Souy Resort   Pattaya Hill 1805 THB
  Four Seasons Place   Pattaya 3rd Road 1894 THB
  Ocean Marina Yacht Club   Na Jomtien 1896 THB
  Courtyard by Marriott South Pattaya   South Pattaya 1900 THB
  Adelphi Pattaya   Central Pattaya 1953 THB
  Hotel Vista Pattaya   Pattaya Beachroad 1954 THB
  AYA Boutique Hotel Pattaya   Pattaya Beachroad 2039 THB
  Best Bella Pattaya   North Pattaya 2039 THB
  Pattaya Sea View Hotel   Pattaya Beachroad 2106 THB
  Le Vernissage Hotel   Pattaya 3rd Road 2124 THB
  New Nordic Hotels Marcus   Pattaya Hill 2124 THB
  Siam Bayshore Resort And Spa   South Pattaya 2141 THB
  Pattaya Discovery Chic Tower   Pattaya Beachroad 2175 THB
  Season Five Hotel   Pattaya Beachroad 2209 THB
  Suncity Hotel Pattaya   South Pattaya 2209 THB
  Intimate Hotel   Pattaya 2nd Road 2251 THB
  Amari Garden Pattaya   Pattaya Beachroad 2296 THB
  Grand Bella   Central Pattaya 2379 THB
  Mirabel Club Resort   Na Jomtien 2379 THB
  SN Plus Hotel   Pattaya 3rd Road 2379 THB
  Mystery Hotel Pattaya - 4 Star Comfortably Furnished in A Modern Asian Style   Pattaya Beachroad 2401 THB
  Pattaya Discovery Beach Hotel   Pattaya Beachroad 2447 THB
  Pinnacle Grand Jomtien Resort   Na Jomtien 2447 THB
  Royal Beach View Suites   Pattaya Hill 2466 THB
  LK The Empress   Pattaya Beachroad 2549 THB
  Siam at Siam Design Hotel Pattaya   Pattaya 2nd Road 2549 THB
  Thai Garden Resort   North Pattaya 2549 THB
  Eastin Hotel Pattaya   Pattaya Beachroad 2799 THB
  Avalon Beach Resort   Jomtien Beach 2804 THB
  Thai Thani Pool Villa Resort   Outer Pattaya 2804 THB
  Woodlands Hotel & Resort   North Pattaya 2889 THB
  Dor-Shada Resort by The Sea   Na Jomtien 2974 THB
  Sunset Park Resort & Spa   Na Jomtien 2974 THB
  Ravindra Beach Resort & Spa   Na Jomtien 3195 THB
  The Heritage Pattaya Beach Resort   Pattaya Hill 3229 THB
  Woodlands Suites Serviced Residences   North Pattaya 3483 THB
  Pattaya Sea Sand Sun Resort and Spa   Na Jomtien 3823 THB
  Sugar Hut Resort   South Pattaya 3823 THB
  Tara Court Boutique Hotel   Pattaya Hill 3925 THB
  Long Beach Pavilion   Wongamart and NaKlua 3993 THB
  Rabbit Resort   Jomtien Beach 4078 THB
  Long Beach Villa   Wongamart and NaKlua 4418 THB
  Palm Grove Resort   Na Jomtien 4673 THB
  ChiC ChiLL at Eravana Eco Chic Pool Villa Pattaya   Jomtien Beach 6788 THB
  Nagawari Villa   Na Jomtien 10195 THB
  Wonderland   Central Pattaya 10195 THB


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Garden Cliff Resort And Spa   Wongamart and NaKlua 2209 THB
  Centara Grand Modus Resort Pattaya   Wongamart and NaKlua 2480 THB
  Centara Grand Phratamnak Pattaya   Pattaya Hill 2520 THB
  Mystery Hotel Pattaya - 5 Star Absolute Beachfront Resort on Wong-Amart Beach   Wongamart and NaKlua 2549 THB
  Pullman Pattaya Hotel G   Wongamart and NaKlua 2549 THB
  Royal Cliff Beach Hotel by Royal Cliff Hotels Group   Pattaya Hill 2556 THB
  The Zign Premium Villa   Wongamart and NaKlua 2719 THB
  Royal Cliff Terrace Hotel by Royal Cliff Hotels Group   Pattaya Hill 2726 THB
  Royal Cliff Grand Hotel by Royal Cliff Hotels Group   Pattaya Hill 2938 THB
  Dusit Thani Pattaya   Pattaya Beachroad 2975 THB
  The Zign Hotel   Wongamart and NaKlua 3059 THB
  Amari Ocean Pattaya   Pattaya Beachroad 3120 THB
  Hotel Baraquda Pattaya MGallery Collection   Pattaya 2nd Road 3150 THB
  Mystery Hotel Pattaya - 5 Star the new luxury stylish accommodation   Pattaya Beachroad 3300 THB
  Z Through By The Zign   Wongamart and NaKlua 3398 THB
  Cape Dara Resort   North Pattaya 3750 THB
  Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya   Wongamart and NaKlua 4160 THB
  Unique Paradise Resort   Outer Pattaya 4248 THB
  Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa   Pattaya 2nd Road 4300 THB
  WAVE Hotel   Pattaya Beachroad 4345 THB
  Sheraton Pattaya Resort   Pattaya Hill 4500 THB
  Royal Wing Suites & Spa by Royal Cliff Hotels Group   Pattaya Hill 8496 THB


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Jomtien Beach Residence   Jomtien Beach 1614 THB

Rayong - Samed Island Hotels


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Sea Sand Sun Resort   Mae Ram Phung Beach 935 THB


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Nice Beach Hotel   Mae Ram Phung Beach 794 THB
  Golden City Rayong Hotel   City 850 THB
  Laemya Inn   Mae Ram Phung Beach 935 THB
  Hinsuay Namsai Resort   Mae Pim Beach 1147 THB
  Star Hotel Rayong   City 1150 THB
  Bann Pae Cabana   Mae Pim Beach 1444 THB
  Crystal Jade Hotel   City 1529 THB
  Ruen Thai Rim Haad   Ban Phe 1699 THB
  The Royal Tropical Beach at VIP Chain Resort   Mae Ram Phung Beach 1869 THB
  Bandara On Sea Rayong   Mae Pim Beach 2209 THB
  Tamnanpar Resort   Ban Phe 2294 THB
  Kantary Bay Hotel and Serviced Apartments   City 2379 THB
  Koh Munnork Private Island   Kleang 3823 THB


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Novotel Rim Pae Rayong   Mae Pim Beach 1905 THB
  Classic Kameo Hotel&Serviced Apartments Rayong   City 1997 THB
  Kameo House Hotel & Serviced Apartments Rayong   City 2251 THB
  Rayong Resort   Mae Ram Phung Beach 3568 THB


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa   Ban Phe 3400 THB

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