Horseshoe Point Resort, Pattaya, Thailand


Horseshoe Point Resort


The Aliva Spa

ALIVA stands for "Being Alive and Well"

The Aliva Spa provides the essential relaxation and rejuvenation for active people. With the help of ancient healing arts, rejuvenation methods and the best massage techniques, Aliva Spa will soothe away your stress and bring you back to life.

Choose from a variety of after-sports programs ranging from reflexology and deep tissue massage to basic body and facial treatments. You can design your own spa experience with our flexible programs for men and women or a family experience where the entire family can enjoy a massage together. And there's even a mini-spa for children. 




 Aroma Massage    ( 60 /90 Min.)   

 Cooling Body Masque (45 Min)

 East Meets West Massage ( 60/90 Min )

 Yogurt & Honey Body Masque (45 Min)

 Before Sport Massage  ( 60/90 Min. )

 Red Clay Body Wrap   (45 Min)

 Swedish Massage ( 60/90 Min. )      

 Green Tea Body Masque (45 Min)

 Sport Massage     (60/90 Min. )


 Horseshoe Point Massage  (60/90 Min. )


 Balinese Massage  ( 90/60 Min. )

 Dead Sea Salt Bath (30 Min)

 Thai Massage    ( 60/90 Min ) 

 Citrus Bath To Invigorate (30 Min)

 Foot Reflexology    (60 Min. )

 Chamomile Bath (30 Min)

 Thai Herbal Compress  (90 Mim. )





 After Sun Facial

 Cocktail Scrub   

 Regenerating Facial (All Skin Types)

 Dead Sea Salt Scrub (30 Min)

 Refreshing Facial (Dehydrate)

 Coconut Butter Body Polish (30 Min)

 Men's Vitality Facial

 Energizing Scrub   (30 Min)

 Luxurious Facial (Anti Wrinkle)


 Extra Steam

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