Hard Rock Pattaya


We Let it Rock... You Let it Roll...

Where else could you go on a rock 'n' roll safari, party with your favourite stars or rock around the world? At Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, you can. The "Hall of Fame", so named for the rock 'n' roll tribute wall in the pre-function area, has been designed exclusively for conferences, seminars, exhibitions and banquets.

A stand-alone meeting and conferencing venue, the Hall of Fame boasts a spacious pre-function area and Ballroom capable of holding 350 participants for a sit-down banquet dinner. Adjacent to the Ballroom, the two smaller meeting rooms, Graceland and Paisley Park, are designed for breakout sessions.

"The Fillmore", with a pre-function area, can accommodate up to 60 guests for a sit-down banquet dinner or private meeting. For intimate-style gatherings, "Stones" and "Zeppelin", located on the 9th floor, will fire up your imagination. The poolside deck is also available for evening events or oppulent outdoor functions.

Hall of Frame

The Hall of Fame is the only venue in Thailand where meetings, conferences, and parties for 10 to 350 persons are uniquely fun, dynamic, and energised with Hard Rock Hotel's edgy "Rock"-inspired spirit.

Apart from its meeting rooms and ballroom sporting hip, new designs, the Hall of Fame offers state-of-the-art audiovisual and lighting equipment, new and improved air-conditioning system, effective sound-proofing setup, accessible toilet, a vehicle drive-in and exhibition area extending from the ground level into the pillarless main hall.

The banquet department is equipped with the most modern audio-visual equipment to enhance group events. Theme buffets, coffee breaks and activities are also featured to give that "Hard Rock" feel. 


Inspired by the Elvis Presley's legendary Rock 'n' Roll mansion, Graceland offers an intimate space for focus groups and meetings. Its musically-themed interiors, showcasing a ceiling shaped as a guitar neck, will keep your participants rockin' 'n' rollin' with bright ideas.

Paisley Park

Named after the known music label initiated by "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince", the pop virtuoso of the '80s, the Paisley Park is an ideal venue for smaller meetings and conferences. Say 'goodbye' to those time-wasting sessions formerly known as 'boring meetings'. 

The Fillmore

Inspired by San Francisco's famed music and concert hall, The Fillmore at the Hall of Fame is ideal for compact meetings, conferences and cocktails. The venue features Rock 'n' Roll memorabilia and is conveniently located in front of Hard Rock Hotel pattaya's eBar. 


Lookin' for a smaller yet still rockin' venue where only your creme de la creme can seriously meet and brainstorm? Adorned with memorabilia belonging to Led Zeppelin - the legendary rock group which brought us "Stairway to Heaven" - Zeppelin's intimate size is perfect for close-knit meeting sessions. The venue is outfitted with modern audiovisual equipment, helping you achieve Superstar results. 

Stones Room

If you "Can't Get No Satisfaction" from meeting venues you've previously tried, then Hard Rock Hotel pattaya's Stones Room is the venue for you. Inspired by one of the greatest rock bands of all times, Stones Room is the perfect venue for power board room meetings for up to 14 people - your power circle. The interiors showcase Rolling Stones memorabilia and sea-facing balconies. 

Spa Pool Deck

So you want your event to be a hit? Then think BIG and have your party on our Spa Pool Deck next to pattaya's largest free-form swimming pool! The Spa Pool Deck is a great venue for outdoor banquets and cocktails, with the option of having a whole cow on a spit-roast as the star of your buffet. Having a cocktail for 150 persons or a banquet for 120 persons? No problem! 

Sun Deck

Need a unique venue for outdoor exhibitions or private cocktails that's close to the pool? Look no further. The Sun Deck offers an unmatched outdoor setting with convenient access and plenty of views. 

Sunset Strip

Need a venue that's rockin' with excitement for any event? The Sunset Strip offers this with plenty of scenic views to go around. And with our unique themes, your banquet or cocktail for up to 50 people will be one that's rockin' and remembered for a long time to come. 

Hard Rock Cafe at the Mezz at the 2nd Floor of HRC

Located above Hard Rock Cafe pattaya, the best music and dining venue in town, Hard Rock Cafe at the Mezz rocks it comes to chillin' cocktails and private parties. Furnished with cosy hammocks and a full bar, Hard Rock Cafe at the Mezz is an ideal venue for sundowners. 

Outside Catering

The Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya's "Get The Party Started" catering service brings all the fun with it to your door step. "Get The Party Started" with the most happening cocktails, buffets, or parties right in your backyard, worksite or any favourite spot. The vibrant and all-inclusive "Get The Party Started" catering service is big in taste, style and fun.

Think big when it comes to the outdoors! Spit-roast an entire carcass of beef, pig or lamb. These special feasts are available along with tailor-made buffets and set menus for 10 persons and more.

The "Get The Party Started" Party Truck is escorted by a party posse of live DJs and strollers entertainment while our marquee ensures your party is not interrupted, rain or shine. Both offer a true experience in the spirit of Rock 'n' Roll, leaning heavily on the 60s and 70s, with the marquee recalling the famous Aerostream trailers.

Spice up your parties with our extraordinary Party Truck that can form a backdrop to your party or serve as a stage for your event. And where Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya's "Get The Party Started" Party Truck goes, a rip-roaring good time surely follows.