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Where and What to Eat in Pattaya

Superb food is just about everywhere in Thailand and Pattaya is no exception. From street vendors to five star gourmet dining - you'll find it in Pattaya. Food from every country and cuisine - Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, German, even Scandinavian, Pattaya will cater both to your taste and your wallet.

A great aspect of the food scene in Pattaya is you can dine al fresco for under 50 Baht with literally dozens of food vendors and noodle stalls serving noodles, fried chicken fried rice and other local favourites around Pattaya's main streets. Or, if you like more comfort, Pattaya has so many excellent local restaurants you really will be spoilt for choice.

Cadillac Café Cadillac Café & Bar

With its quirky style, funky theme and fantastic international cuisine, the Cadillac Café & Bar is amongst the top Beach Road boutique eateries. Read More...

Casa Pascal Restaurant Pattaya Casa Pascal Restaurant

With internationally-renowned imported seafood and a daily brunch barbecue on offer, Casa Pascal has top-quality fine dining at a reasonable price in the heart of Pattaya. Read More...

Sugar Hut Restaurant Sugar Hut Restaurant

Enjoy the fine food and the peace and quiet of rural Thailand in the middle of the big city at Sugar Hut Restaurant. Read More...

Royal Grill Room & Wine Cellar Pattaya Royal Grill Room & Wine Cellar Pattaya

The Royal Grill Room & Wine Cellar is Pattaya’s finest fine dining experience, with expertly prepared imported meats and over 1,000 wine labels to choose from. Read More...


Top 10 Dining
Top 10 Restaurants in Pattaya Beach Top 10 Restaurants in Pattaya Beach

Our list of the best restaurants in Pattaya showcases just a fraction of the great selection of top-class eateries in the city, which serve a wide range of cuisines to meet the needs of a multinational resident and tourist population.  Read More...

Top 10 Restaurants in Jomtien Beach Top 10 Restaurants in Jomtien Beach

Restaurants in Jomtien include some of the finest eateries in the area and offer a truly international range. Many of the names on our list of the 10 Best Restaurants in Jomtien Beach style themselves. Read More...

Top 10 Restaurants in Na Klua Top 10 Restaurants in Naklua

Naklua’s dining scene is primarily based in the area’s impressive concentration of five-star hotels. The main attraction of this area is not the raucous nightlife as it is in Pattaya Beach. Read More...


Pattaya Dining Guide

Pattaya Best Restaurants Top 10 Pattaya Restaurants

Pattaya is a multi-cultural coastal city, and nothing reflects this better than its ethnically diverse dining scene. A wealth of options run from street vendors to fine dining Read More...

Jomtien Beach Restaurants Jomtien Beach Restaurants

The range of food on offer in Jomtien isn’t quite as diverse or delectable as in Pattaya Beach. Swiss, British, German, Dutch, Indian, Chinese and Russian it’s all here. Read More...

Naklua & Wong Amat Restaurants Naklua & Wong Amat

Beside hotel restaurants, you will find several expat-run bars and pubs that serve food, as well as local Thai seafood and noodle establishments. Read More...

Pattaya Beach Restaurants Pattaya Beach Restaurants

From curbside cuisine and greasy burgers to five-star gourmet, Pattaya Beach has it all. The range of food available here is as diverse as the people who flock here. Read More...

Hopf Brew House Hopf Brew House

While there is no shortage of beer bars in Pattaya, finding somewhere that is suitable for all ages, places an emphasis on the quality of the food and expertly brews its own beer is not at all easy. Read More...

Hotels in Pattaya

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