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    List of All Attractions in Pattaya by Alphabetical Order

    Pattaya often surprises people with how much there is to see and do. It is known as one of the major party destinations of Thailand, but there are also major cultural and historical attractions, as well as fun things to spend a day seeing or doing that you cannot experience anywhere else in the world, such as the world’s largest engraving of Buddha, the first Cartoon Network water park or the world-famous Tiffany Cabaret Show and the numerous similar performances.

    Never miss out on what to see in Pattaya again. This comprehensive index of all must-see attractions is designed to help you plan your sightseeing activities even before you arrive. Simply browse through the list and pick the ones that are of interest to you. With all the major attractions in one place, you will end up saving so much time on your research.

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Alangkarn Theatre Show

The Extravaganza Show at the Alangkarn Theatre is exactly what it claims to be, cramming a cultural show, a circus, a musical and a world-class stage production into a 2,000-seat auditorium, featuring advanced light and sound technology and real fireworks. Found south of Pattaya on Sukhumvit Road, the show takes a journey through Thai culture, mythology and history, exploring every corner of the kingdom by way of lavish sets, excellent choreography, aerial acrobatics, dancing and great storytelling.

  • Opening Hours: 18:00 - 19:00 (except Wed)
  • Location: Sukhumvit Road, Kilometre 155, Na Jomtien
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 825 6000
  • Tour Available: Alangkarn Theatre Show
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Alcazar Cabaret Show

The Alcazar Cabaret Show is a little earlier along Pattaya 2nd Road than its older and more famous cousin – The Tiffany Show – but its reputation is just as good. It has been said that those seeking beautiful ladyboys should go to Tiffany, but those who want to see a great show go to Alcazar. The 70-minute performance features stunning performers in extravagant costumes in a fantastic performance featuring everything from the Russian stage to K-Pop, travelling from a Persian harem to outer space.

  • Opening Hours: 17:00, 18:30, 20:00 and 21:30
  • Location: 78/14 Pattaya 2nd Road, North Pattaya
  • Tel: +66 (0)81 781 1703
  • Tour Available: Alcazar Cabaret Show
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Art in Paradise is a fun and fresh take on an art gallery that has closed the divide between art and spectator with three-dimensional paintings that are interactive and laugh-out-loud funny. Through clever use of shading and borders, artists have painted directly on to walls to create stunning images that trick our eyes into thinking animals are smashing through walls, friends are balancing over raging waterfalls and polar bears are stealing a sip of our coconut. The gallery has over 100 individual art pieces in ten themed sections, covering optical illusions, wild animals, nature, past civilisations and reproductions of classic art with witty additions such as bright pink nail polish on a pre-Raphaelite beauty, or a pencil added to the Mona Lisa so you can be Leanardo Da Vinci… for a second, at least. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 - 21:00
  • Location: 78/34 Moo 9, Soi 1, Pattaya 2nd Road, North Pattaya
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 842 4500
  • Price Range: 500 Baht for Adults, 300 Baht for Children. (Thai Citizens 150 Baht)
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Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya is a central feature of the city, located at the end of Walking Street near the southern point of Pattaya Bay. It is a hive of activity, with endless day trippers on the way to nearby Koh Larn (Coral Island), scuba divers, fishing enthusiasts and even private charter boat trips. The jetty stretches quite far out into the bay and is lined on either side with boats of all descriptions. It can be seen clearly from Pattaya View Point and has now become a classic image of Pattaya itself. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: All day
  • Location: Southern end of Walking Street, South Pattaya
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The Bottle Art Museum is a quirky attraction displaying painstakingly constructed models of boats, houses and famous landmarks from all over the world. Here you will see scale models of windmills from Holland, ornate Japanese pagodas and more than a few boats from pretty much everywhere! Originally started by a Dutch expat bottle art enthusiast, the Bottle Art Museum has since outgrown its premises and been passed on to a new owner who moved the exhibition to its new home on Sukhumvit Road, in the grounds of Kingston Park school and technical college. Read More...

  • Location: 297/1-5 Moo 6, Sukhumvit Road, Naklua
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 842 2957
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The largest engraving of Buddha in the world, the gold-embossed image was carved out of the side of a limestone mountain with a laser and is 130 metres in height and 70 metres across at its widest. The area in which it resides – commonly known as “Silverlake” – is one of remarkable natural beauty and is a popular attraction with tour buses and local visitors alike. Buddha Mountain is part of a temple complex, so appropriate attire (covered shoulders and thighs) is required. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 08:00 – 17:00
  • Location: 6km from Kilometre 160, off Sukhumvit Road, Na Jomtien
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Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark near Pattaya is larger and more spectacular than anything of its kind in the world, with 30 state-of-the-art water rides and slides and other attractions including Disneyworld-style mascots, entertainment shows, a first-class restaurant and aquatic fun for the whole family.

Located on Sukhumvit Road about 20 minutes drive from Pattaya Beach, there are 10 entertainment zones, featuring characters such as Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, Gumball, Darwin and others from popular shows on Cartoon Network. There is enough to do to keep the whole family occupied for an entire day, including the Surfarena (which recreates the perfect surfing conditions) and Mega Wave (which simulates the more gentle waves of the nearby sea, only without the riptides, jellyfish and hidden rocks). Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 18:00
  • Location: 888 Sukhumvit Road, Na Jomtien
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 823 7707
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Hundreds of talented performers in extravagant glittering costumes perform elaborate dance routines, comedy sets and dramatic songs at the world-famous cabaret shows around Pattaya. Possibly the most unbelievable fact about them is that there is not a single female amongst the dozens of high-kicking dancers up on stage. The family-friendly ladyboy shows use amazing choreography to present Thai culture, world history and a lot of questions along the lines of “is that stunning dancer really a man?” Read More...

Fishing Villages

A wonderful day of exploration is to visit some nearby fishing villages, less then 20 minutes drive from Pattaya City. The fishing villages give a glimpse of what life in Pattaya must have been like 40 years ago. The villages of Bang Saray, Chong Samaesan and Ang Sila have some great beaches too, and the local community is friendly and hospitable. Boats can be rented for fishing or diving, and some good restaurants abound.

  • Location: along Sukhumvit Road
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An asphalt road leads to the top of this small hill, from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Pattaya City and the Bay area. The hilltop is also home to a sacred Buddha image at the Wat Khao Phra Bat temple and the Sor Tor Naval radio station.

Wat Khao Pra Baht was established by Phra Acarn Po and villagers in 1957 in the place where a relic of Buddha's foot is located, there are five Buddha images and it's a popular place for worshippers to pay respect. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 07:30 - 21:00
  • Location: Soi Rajchawaroon, Phratamnak Hill
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The Million Years Stone Park & Crocodile Farm

One of Pattaya's favorite day-time attractions, the park covers a large area with rock gardens on beautifully landscaped grounds. Interesting sights include fossilised plants of more than a million years old, 200-year old Thai-style bonsai trees, crocodile pools and a collection of rare animals such as albino bears. Crocodile round-ups, magic shows and animal performances are also major attractions. Shows run six times a day from 11:00 – 17:00. 

  • Opening Hours: 08:00 – 18:00
  • Location: 22/1 Off Highway 7, Naklua
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 824 9347
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An incongruous sight, just opposite the Ambassador Hotel on Sukhumvit Road, Mimosa is styled after the French city of Colmar. Its Renaissance-style buildings house more than 300 restaurants and shops selling souvenirs, jewellery, traditional Thai handicrafts, clothes and more. This is much more than just a shopping centre, though. There are three 45-minute cabaret performances per day around the musical fountain which is the centre-piece of the so-called “City of Love”, with street performances and the cabaret dancers also visible throughout the day. Furthermore, there is a small selection of rides and attractions in the Funland Amusement Park zone. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
  • Location: 28/19 Sukhumvit Road, Na Jomtien
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 823 7318
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This miniature city displays replicas of 100 sacred places and important historical sites around Thailand and some international attractions at a scale of 1 to 25. Highlights include the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Anantasamakhom Throne Hall, the Bridge over the River Kwae, the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and London’s Tower Bridge. The Democracy Monument in Bangkok was the very first model built at Siam. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00
  • Location: 387 Sukhumvit Road, Naklua
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 872 7333
  • Tour Available: Mini Siam
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Set in a 600-acre beautifully landscaped park, the village features orchid nurseries, a cactus garden and a man-made lake. Daily cultural shows include folk dances, traditional ceremonies, sword fighting, Thai boxing demonstrations and an elephant show. There are also two restaurants and crafts from all over Thailand are for sale. Read More...

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Dozens of parasails can be seen scudding around the sky over Pattaya Bay throughout the day – so many, in fact, that it is a wonder they never get tangled up in knots! Those adventurous enough to take a short boat trip out to one of the metal pontoons in order to be strapped into the harness and fastened to the back of a speedboat are rewarded with a thrilling ride and a unique view of the city and the bay, sometimes from very close up as the boat drivers stop their engines and allow the parachute to dip into the water before shooting them back into the sky. Vendors selling the experience can be found along the southern end of Beach Road, with rates starting at about 500 baht for a short trip.
NOTE: We strongly advise guests not to rent a jet ski from Pattaya Beach due to many scams.

  • Opening Hours: 08:00 – 17:30
  • Location: Pattaya Beach Road, South Pattaya
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Pattaya Boxing World

The Madison Square Garden of the city, Pattaya Boxing World is the most glamourous and professional of the various Muay Thai boxing rings around. Located next to Mini Siam, close to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, it hosts live bouts twice a week (every Wednesday and Friday), including special galas and World Series fights. It features top-class Thai and international fighters facing-off in this most vigorous and exciting of martial arts. There is also a culture show, demonstrating the ancient origins of the famous sport and explaining the implications behind the traditional attire and the posing and dancing which precedes each match.

  • Opening Hours: 18:00 – 24:00
  • Location: 387 Sukhumvit Road, Naklua
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 872 6203
  • Tour Available: Pattaya Boxing World
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Delight in a wide range of shows and demonstration like elephant training techniques, bathing, traditional roundup methods and the highlight, the ‘Glong Sabad Chai’ (victory drums ceremony) with a war elephant. It’s a popular spot for Thai and foreign visitors alike. Elephant Village offers daily performances at 14:30 and elephant rides.  Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 17:00
  • Location: 48/120 Moo 7, Nongmaikaen Road, East Pattaya
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 824 9818
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Covering an area of 100,000sqm, the Four Regions Floating Market is separated into four sections – each representing and selling items from the four major parts of Thailand (north, northeast, central and south). Expect to find many eateries, fruit stalls, souvenir shops and some art galleries. There is also a cultural show every afternoon. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 23:00
  • Location: 451/304 Sukhumvit Road, Jomtien
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 870 6340
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Pattaya Park, a landmark on Jomtien Beach, is best known for its 240-metre tall observation tower, which doubles as a jumping tower. The tower hosts three revolving restaurants serving international buffet, all with 360-degree views of Pattaya. There’s also a separate water park and amusement park. Visible from any point along Pattaya Beach, Pattaya Park is an ideal attraction for the entire family. Its beachfront location occupies an expansive area on the jutting headland that connects South and Jomtien beaches. From the tower, you get one of the most amazing 360-degree bird’s eye views of the entire area. The beach also feels more secluded and private, with fewer peddlers and well-shaded areas with beach chairs for lounging. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 - 19:00
  • Location: Thappraya Road Soi 12, Phratamnak
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 836 4110
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Pattaya Sheep Farm

Pattaya Sheep Farm offers a hands-on experience of the tamer side of nature, making it an extremely popular attraction for families with small children. Located by the side of the Pattaya-Chonburi Highway, it is also home to deer, rabbits, ponies, pigs, donkeys, alpacas, buffalo, parrots, peacocks, turkeys and a host of other furry and feathery friends. There is also a small selection of fairground rides, a Dutch-style windmill and a steak restaurant which serves a very fine lamb chop. At 50 baht entry for adults and children under 110cm getting in free, it is a great-value day out.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 19:00
  • Location: 73/8 Off Highway 7, Naklua
  • Tel: +66 (0)92 321 6718
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What do Bengal tigers, dogs and pigs have in common? They are members of the animal kingdom alright but they come from completely different families. At Pattaya Tiger Zoo, though, you will find them all living together in harmony, thanks to the zoo’s rather unique feeding programme. Witness mother pigs feed tiger cubs alongside its own piglets, have your pictures taken with the cubs, watch the crocodile show, or enjoy riding on the back of an elephant. Also, meet and feed the ostriches, single hump camels, kangaroos and an aviary of exotic birds. This is one place for families to enjoy quality time together. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 08:00 – 18:00
  • Location: Sriracha
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 829 6556
  • Tour Available: Pattaya Tiger Zoo
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Think you’ve travelled the world and know it like the back of your hand? Well, think again. Everything you see at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! will challenge your thoughts and perceptions of the world – the one that you already know and one that you still have yet to know.

Housed on the third floor of Royal Garden Plaza, the Ripley’s museum features more than 300 exhibits inside 10 individually themed galleries inspired by Robert Leroy Ripley’s books “Believe It or Not!”. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 06:00 – 23:00
  • Location: 3rd Floor, Royal Garden Plaza, Pattaya Beach Road, South Pattaya
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 871 0294
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Rising 105 metres into the sky and exquisitely carved entirely out of teak wood, The Sanctuary of Truth is a gigantic wooden construction that's one of a kind in the world. A strange fusion of religion, philosophy, art and culture, it's neither a temple, nor palace, even though it looks a bit like a hybrid of both. Best described as a monument to Thai craftsmanship, and a place to reflect, its awe-inspiring wooden sculptures and cravings pays homage to and is a reflection of the "Ancient Vision of Earth", "Ancient Knowledge" and "Eastern Philosophy". Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 08:00 – 18:00
  • Location: 206/2 Moo 5, Soi Naklua 12, Naklua
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 836 7229
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Siriporn Orchid Farm

Thailand is famous for its beautiful orchids, and this is the perfect place to see some of the most exquisite varieties, including catteleyas, vandas, daedrovium, escosanda and pompadours. Cut flowers and plants are also for sale.  

  • Opening Hours: 08:00 – 17:00
  • Location: 235/14 Moo 5, Nernplubwan Road, East Pattaya
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 842 9013
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Suan Chaloemphrakiat (Fitness Park)

Dedicated to commemorate the 60th birthday of HM The King (5th December 1988), this small park at the foot of Pattaya Hill boasts a vast variety of indigenous plants, a jogging trail and a variety of other fitness facilities. On any given day - especially in the morning and late afternoon - the park is filled with a large number of people burning calories or getting fit.

  • Opening Hours: 06:00 – 20:00
  • Location: At the foot of Phratamnak Hill, Phratamnak Road
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There can be few sights in Pattaya quite as bizarre as a two-metre-tall realistic model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex being cuddled by three teddy bears dressed as cavemen. A curious combination of adorable and baffling, the Teddy Bear Museum (also known as Teddy Island) contains about 1,000 stuffed animals, ranging in size from little Christmas helpers no bigger than your hand to a three-metre-long giant panda. The family-friendly indoor exhibition takes the form of a journey through history and fantasy, entirely acted out by cuddly toys. The majority of the dioramas can be at least touched, if not interacted with, making it extremely popular with younger children. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 22:00
  • Location: 436/49 Moo 9, Pattaya Beach Road Soi 1, North Pattaya
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 841 1285
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Three Kingdoms Theme Park

The famous and historical Chinese epic 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms' form the central theme of the park, which is situated on a vast piece of land with huge wall paintings. Inside the park, the architectural style is a blend of Chinese and Thai influences, there is other art and sculpture depicting scenes, chapters and characters from the novel, as well as a Buddha relic.

  • Opening Hours: 08:00 – 17:00
  • Location: 100 Moo 9, Pong, East Pattaya
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 842 1428
  • Price Range: 150 Baht per person
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Encounters with ladyboys in Pattaya typically follow a predictable pattern: you either get groped or relieved of your wallet. The truly blighted, may even experience both. Not so at Tiffany's, the seafront city's world-famous and 30 year-old ladyboy cabaret extravaganza. Here, three times each night, a surgically and hormonally-enhanced army of transgender performers put on a show that shatters that fearsome reputation. With painted nails, delicious pouts and feline grace, not only do they look ladylike, they even act it. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 18:00, 19:30, 21:00 (also 16:30 and 22:30 on public holidays)
  • Location: 464 Moo 9, Pattaya 2nd Road, North Pattaya
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 842 1700
  • Tour Available: Tiffany Show
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One of the largest and most modern aquariums in Asia, Underwater World Pattaya has a sub aqua tunnel divided into three different zones: Coral Reef, Shark and Ray, and the Giant Siam – all offer great views of the more than 200 different Marine species, including a rare shovelnose ray - a hybrid between a shark and a stingray.

Near the entrance, there is a Touch Pool displaying creatures found in rock pools at coastal areas around Thailand. The pool allows interaction between visitors and the marine animals. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 18:00
  • Location: 22/22 Moo 11, Sukhumvit Road, Jomtien
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 875 6877
  • Tour Available: Underwater World Pattaya
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This majestic three-storey Chinese temple is both a place of worship and museum. The temple’s official name is Anek Kuson Sala, bestowed upon by His Majesty King Bhumibhol Adulyadej (Rama IX). But it’s called Vihara Sien because of the collection of Chinese saints housed inside the temple (‘sien’ means saints). Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 08:00 - 17:00
  • Location: Off Sukhumvit Road, Kilometre 160, Huay Yai
  • Tel: +66 (0)38 238 367, +66 (0)38 235 250
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You can’t talk about Pattaya without mentioning Walking Street. Closed to vehicle traffic in the evenings, it consists of half a kilometre of nightclubs, beer bars, go-go bars, restaurants and fun, with a couple of tailor’s shops thrown in for good measure. With live music, bright neon lights, exotic girls enticing you into their establishments (sometimes literally dragging you) and great drinks offers available, a walk down this street is an assault on the senses. If you have an open mind, a sense of humour and a fistful of baht, though, some unforgettable nights can be found there. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: Closed to road traffic 18:00 - 02:00. Bar opening times vary
  • Location: South Pattaya
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Wat Chaimongkol

The hub of many cultural and religious events in Pattaya, Wat Chaimongkol is a grand royal temple facility at the end of South Pattaya Road. Its colourful, exotic buildings house, among other venerated images, a standing Buddha statue found amongst 350-year-old ruins in Ayutthaya; the extensive parking space is home to a bustling market on special days, making it a great shopping and cultural attraction. Foreign visitors are welcome to share in celebrating the Buddhist holidays scattered throughout the year, which is the best way to experience the fascinating Buddhist culture.

  • Opening Hours: 08:30 – 16:30
  • Location: South Pattaya Road
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You can’t fail to notice an enormous 18-metre-tall Buddha popping up through the trees at the very top of Phratamnak Hill. This "Big Buddha" – the largest in the region – is the highlight of Wat Phra Yai, a temple built in the 1940s when Pattaya was nothing more than a fishing village. Extremely popular with tour groups, who love to see the intricate design of the statue and the temple complex, it is also revered by local people who come to pray at the temple. Despite the crowds, the wreaths of flowers and burning incense create a reflective mood in which to explore the many smaller Buddha statues, partial views of Jomtien Beach, and the pavilion hall which has a beautifully painted mosaic on the walls. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 06:30 – 17:00
  • Location: Phratamnak Hill
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Wat Yansangwararam

A royal temple, 15 kilometres south of Pattaya City, the temple grounds comprise a 'mondop' (religious building with a rectangular roof), which enshrines a replica of the Buddha's footprints, and a large Pagoda where relics of the Lord Buddha and those of the Lord Buddha's disciples are enshrined.

  • Opening Hours: 06:30 – 17:00
  • Location: Off Sukhumvit Road, Kilometre 160, Huay Yai
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