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  • Skydiving with Thai Sky Adventures

    Skydiving in Pattaya


    Thai Sky Adventures is one of only two skydiving drop zones in Thailand, the other being way up in the rural northeast of the country, close to the Laotian border. Situated about 40-minutes’ drive north of Pattaya, Thai Sky Adventures offers tandem jumps for beginners who just want to experience the thrill of freefall, as well as courses and solo jumps for those able to produce a license and logbook.

    Safety is taken very seriously, with strict guidelines and well-maintained equipment and facilities. The site on the north shore of Nong Kho Reservoir is a US Parachute Association affiliated drop zone and is regularly inspected by the Thai Aviation Authority. Despite its reputation as an extreme sport, the risk factor involved in skydiving in Pattaya is actually lower than playing a game of cricket, though freefalling for hundreds of metres and enjoying the striking scenery is obviously a lot more exciting.

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  • A tandem skydive at Thai Sky Adventures costs 10,950 baht per person, though the price does drop slightly if you book as part of a bigger group. That buys you a 20-minute scenic flight up to 13,000 feet, a 60-second freefall back down to 5,000 feet and then about 5 minutes safely drifting back down to the ground. How long you will need to wait for your turn depends on how many other jumpers there are that day and whether or not you booked in advance.

    For those already qualified and using their own gear, jump tickets start from just 750 baht to jump from up to 5,500 feet. You can jump from over 9,000 feet for 950 baht and over 11,000 feet for 1,100 baht. Round trip transfer by minibus from Pattaya North Road Bus Station is available.

    Skydiving with Thai Sky Adventures

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