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    Splashdown Waterpark Pattaya is an exciting adventure playground on the outskirts of Pattaya. Based roughly on the UK TV gameshow “Total Wipeout”, it features a selection challenging and thrilling slides and games designed to challenge the bravery and fitness of teenagers and adults – kind of like a rollercoaster where you have to push it along yourself!

    Once you’ve been fitted with a lifejacket, helmet and rubber safety shoes (all included in the ticket price), your first obstacle is the Super Slider – at over 15 metres, the tallest inflatable waterslide in the world! The steep drop back down to ground level, with a little flick at the end to throw you into a large pool, is an excellent introduction to the park.

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  • After being eased in with mere acrophobia and rapid acceleration, you are faced with Splashdown Waterpark Pattaya’s toughest challenge – the so-called Big Red Balls. These are exactly what they claim to be – eight giant crimson inflatable spheres, tethered in a line from one side of a pool to the other. Jumping from one to the next is a great challenge of balance and coordination. The best we ever managed was getting fished out of the pond by the helpful staff after taking a face-full of the third one!

    The next challenge is relatively tame – just an exciting and exhausting race across floating trampolines and obstacles in The Zorb Race. It is the part of the waterpark which closest resembles “Wipeout”. Complete that, and you face The Square Runner, which is similar in principle to the Big Red Balls, except for the shape of the obstacles. They’re just as challenging, however, and you’re just as likely to get wet.

    Rounding off the challenging games at Splashdown Waterpark Pattaya are two where it’s all about making a splash, with the Big Blue and the Big Blob. The first is a nine-metre-high and 18m-long slide, which seems like quite a gradual descent, until you see the three-metre drop into the water at the end! The Blob is like a giant inflatable sausage, where you sit on one end and someone else jumps on the other, throwing you high into the air.

    Other attractions at Splashdown Waterpark Pattaya include an ATV course, a kids slip and slide (like a much less extreme version of the Big Blue) and a zorb ball ride. There is also a restaurant, a bar and even a small mini-mart, giving you the chance to recover some of your energy before having another go at getting past the third Big Red Ball. Finally, there are changing rooms with showers and restrooms, so you don’t have to take the ride home soaking wet.

    While generally quite safe, the main attractions are all an extreme sort of fun, so you are likely to come away with a few aching muscles at the very least. While entry for children under 120cm tall is free, they will not be allowed on any of the main attractions - only Zorb Mountain and the Kids Slip and Slide. All-day entry for those over 120cm costs 1,500 baht (650 baht for Thai nationals and expatriates with valid ID), including free two-way hotel transfers and entry for those who just came to watch is 200 baht.

    Splashdown Waterpark Pattaya

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