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  • Parasailing in Pattaya

    Popular Pattaya Beach Activity


    Parasailing in Pattaya is an extremely popular way to enjoy a unique view of the beach, as well as getting your pulse racing and adrenaline flowing as you scud across the sky, occasionally plummeting into the sea only to be wrenched up into the air once again. With prices starting at about 600 baht for thrill-packed minutes, it is also a fairly cheap activity in Pattaya.

    You can go down to Pattaya Beach on any day of the week when the weather is pretty fair and you will see countless brightly-coloured parachutes criss-crossing the bay, each towed by a speedboat. Unlike other beach destinations where this activity is popular (including Jomtien Beach and Koh Larn locally or Phuket and Hua Hin elsewhere in Thailand), the jumping-off point is not the beach itself. Instead, there are a number of pontoons a few hundred metres out into the water, from which you will be lifted into the air before being gracefully deposited back after 10 minutes with practised ease.

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  • You can find dozens of vendors on the beach as well as at Bali Hai Pier, with prices varying wildly from as low as 600 baht to as much as over 1,000 baht. The price will sometimes vary according to how long the tour is or bonus extras like photographs of your trip. There is no specified age or weight range and there are different sizes of harness available to fit different sizes of people.

    This price buys you the trip out to the shaded pontoon, where you will join a queue of other fun-lovers. You’ll be fitted with a life jacket and instructed on how to land. Once you reach the head of the line, you’ll be quickly strapped into the harness and launched about 100m into the air. Unlike parasailing off a beach, you will not require a pilot to come with you to guide you back to dry land, meaning that you’re absolutely on your own up there.

    Parasailing in Pattaya

    As with any extreme sport, parasailing in Pattaya does have its risks and there have been a few accidents and injuries, though they are very rare. Also, don’t carry anything which isn’t waterproof with you when you go flying because you are guaranteed to get wet. Non-parasailers can come out to the pontoon with you for a small cost, so let them look after your valuables!

    • Opening Hours: Approx. 08:00 – 17:30
    • Location: Pattaya Beach Road, South Pattaya
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