Navalai River Resort, Bangkok, Thailand


Navalai River Resort

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The name Aquatini is the combination words of Aqua and Martini. “Aqua” reflects the dramatic Chao Phraya River , and the world's famous cocktail, “Martini” reflects the exotic fine taste of our recipes. We believed that Chao Phraya River and your choice of favorite food & drink are the best combination of your romantic moment.

Riverside Restaurant in Bangkok, Aquatini. here enjoy your favorite selections of delicious Thai-European cuisine, choice of cocktails, light refreshments amidst soft Bossa-Nova music. -Even better when you sit at open-air river terrace and truly enjoy your moment with sky and river breeze. With all these beautiful surroundings, Aquatini is the place you can never forget. the best Riverside Restaurant in Old Bangkok Town.

Hour of service:
Open Daily: 6.30 am. - 1.00 am.

Indoor air-conditioning room: 50 persons
Outdoor riverside terrace: 150 persons

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