Napa Place, Bangkok, Thailand


Napa Place, Bangkok, Thailand

The idea of opening a bed & breakfast came to our mind back years ago when we would like to move to a small town not far from Bangkok. We dreamed to have a little house with a huge garden that we could grow lots of plants for food and for decoration. Yes, we dreamed that it would be an organic garden.

Because we were born and grew up in Bangkok, we were used to convenience modern life gives so we dreamed to live a modern life in a slow pace with natural surrounding. We pictured our kids to run around happily picking fruits in the garden.
We dreamed to share our dream house with other people who share the same dream with us. We dreamed that they would come and stay with us when they wanted a ‘shelter’ from hectic world in urban city.

Napa Place, Bangkok, Thailand

A 68-76 m2 room with very similar room features and benefits as those
of Junior Suite

You will also have a private conference room adjacent to the living room.
It can fit up to 6 people. The room provides an ambient Read More...

A 62 m2 room that is divided in such a way that you can feel the sense
of connection

The bedroom and living area are separated with a divider not up to the ceiling. While you are concentrating on your activities in one section, you Read More...

A 33-36 m2 room to pamper you with its walk-in closet and a Jacuzzi

The walk-in closet leading to the bathroom gives you spacious room to comfortably share it with your roommate. The bath tub has a Jacuzzi to
make you feel especially relaxed

A 39-42 m2 room that is meticulously furnished to make it comfortable for you

You can select between king size bed and twin beds. The living area with
a sofa and a writing desk is far enough from the bed for you to be Read More...