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  • Top 10 Most Unusual Sights in Bangkok

    Strange, Weird and Wacky Places in Bangkok

    Bangkok is a city rich with contrasts, contradictions and juxtapositions. This throbbing metropolis is a fertile breeding ground for the strangely beautiful and beautifully strange, and you’re sure to stumble across something that makes you stop, stare and reach for your camera in awe.

    What it lacks in the aesthetic beauty of Chiang Mai or the stunning vistas of Hong Kong, Bangkok more than makes up for with its kooky, crazy, or downright bizarre sights – often the result of centuries old Buddhist culture being pushed into the 21st century...blindfolded. If you think you’ve seen all that Bangkok has to offer then immerse yourself in the innumerable oddities that Bangkok throws up again and again with our list of the 10 Most Unusual Sights in Bangkok.

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    Phallic Shrine Chidlom - Ploenchit

    At the Goddess Tubtim Shrine hundreds of oversized phalluses of all shapes and sizes stand tall, proud, and dare we say, erect – proof that even in the spirit world size really does matter! Found in the grounds of the Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel, people flock here to find fertility.  Read More...

    Erawan Museum Samut Prakan

    A huge, three-headed elephant statue standing upon an equally gargantuan pedestal is the first, and last, thing you see when visiting Samut Prakan's Erawan Museum. It's a splendid, towering beast: 250 tons in weight, 29 metres high, 39 metres long, and cast in pure, green-hued copper. Read More...


    Corpses of mass murdering cannibals, glass jars containing deformed babies and gruesome autopsy photographs are all preserved for posterity in Bangkok’s very own hall of horrors. Not for the faint-hearted! Read More...

    David Beckham Temple (Wat Pariwat) Riverside - Rama III Road
    David Beckham Temple

    Wat Pariwat has been nicknamed 'David Beckham Temple' for a very unusual reason. In the back corner of the large altar of this very large but anonymous looking temple, a Garuda, one of those mythic winged creatures, has been replaced by... David Beckham! Executed by a fan with the agreement of the abbot in 1998, the statuette is only 30 cm high  and the haircut on the carving is not quite the one we know... but you can clearly read 'Sharp', the team sponsor on the T-shirt.


    The Human Body Museum in Siam Square is a weird and amazing exhibition of 14 dissected human bodies from Japan. Some might think this is a really creepy idea but there is always a small audience who quite like to be freaked out by morbid things whilst on holiday. In some ways it is a little disturbing. But as this display is located inside the Faculty of Dentistry building at the medical university of Chulalongkorn, it also makes sense as an educational exhibit. Unlike the old dusty and rather sinister forensic museum in Thonburi, the human body exhibition is as sterile as an operating theatre. Read More...

    Elephant Building Chatuchak
    Bangkok Elephant Building

    An elephantine landmark in the Chatuchak district, the Elephant Tower is one of the most unique buildings in Bangkok. The three towers (A, B, and C) make up a shape of Thailand's national animal, which can be seen even from the Expressway. On the right edge of the building you can also see an eye and tusk. The building is used as a condominium, office space, and also houses a language school.

    Giant Dragon Tower at Wat Samphran Between Bangkok and Nakhon Pathom
    Dragon Tower at Wat Samphran

    Located well outside Bangkok, this unusual temple is worth mentioning with its giant dragon coiled around the red 17-storey tower. The head of the giant dragon is clearly visible from from a distance, but the temple is located near the highway and most people don't take much time to look around. The temple grounds are rich in decorations, statues of animals and more dragons. It's hard to spot, but it's worth it.


    The Bangkok Correction Museum is another of these creepy-quirky places some travellers seem to enjoy. Set in the three remaining buildings of what used to be a maximum security prison built in 1890, the Correction Museum is located on Maha Chai Road, just past Chinatown. It is an interesting place to visit if you are an 'unusual stuff' hunter. The Prison used to cover a larger area but was converted into the Rommani Nart public park in 1987. While active, the jail could accommodate about a thousand inmates in conditions that were... less than comfortable. Read More...

    Robot Building Sathorn

    First opened in 1986, the 'robot building' is located on South Sathorn Road. According to the architect, the original inspiration for the 20-storey building came from his son's toy robot. Complete with 'eyes' and 'antennae', the building's quirky characteristics masks the fact that the elements of the exterior design serve real purposes. For instance, the oversized 'bolts' and 'caterpillar wheels' act as sunshades and canopies.

    'Sathorn Unique' Ghost Skyscraper End of Sathorn Road, by the river
    Sathorn Unique Ghost Skyscraper

    'Sathorn Unique' is a 50-storey ghostly building. Abandoned since the 1997 economic crisis, this concrete monolith was supposed to become one of the most luxurious residences in Bangkok. You can't help but notice a strong resemblance with the nearby skyscraper 'State Tower' home of the very famous Sky Bar (you know, the one in the movie 'The Hangover II'), with its typical round balconies and Roman columns. The buiding is now part of everyday Bangkok life as it is used as a support for a gigantic advertising banner.





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