Theta State Float Center Bangkok

Sensory Deprivation Tank in Sukhumvit

Floatation tanks in Bangkok are few and far between, with the city slow to take up this holistic practice compared to our Asian neighbours. But Theta State Float Center on Sukhumvit Soi 24 is now answering the need of a diverse clientele who want to take advantage of the myriad benefits of sensory deprivation tanks (or ‘floating’ to use its modern day moniker).

Athletes looking for a weightless environment to aid recovery, the spiritually inclined looking for a place of relaxation, stressed out corporate types who need an hour away from the barrage of emails and phone calls, mothers who need some ‘me’ time – all of these types of people are using float tanks in Bangkok. The one thing that brings them all together is the need for a time out away from the world, with its demands and obligations.

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Theta state is a term used to describe that elusive state the brain enters just before sleep, when the body feels relaxed and happy. But unlike sleep, a session in a float pod puts the mind in a lucid state, where thoughts flow freely. It’s a feeling similar to that of meditation or tai chi practitioners, but is far more accessible as all you have to do is lie down and just…be.

To describe the experience: you first enter the water with soft lights and a soundtrack of gentle pan-pipes and birdsong, but this is just to relax you into an unfamiliar situation. The buoyancy of the water is surprising at first but it soon feels natural. After a few minutes you are in the pitch black with no sound, no sensory stimulation of any kind, and this does a curious thing to our brain which is accustomed to processing an extraordinary amount of information every second of the waking day. Suddenly the brain has time to rest. Thoughts come and go, while the body is suspended by half a tonne of Epsom salt. Many people describe it like returning to the womb. It’s an experience everyone should try because it’s relaxing and energising at the same time. Sort of like pressing ‘factory reset’ on an overworked smart phone.

Everyone reacts differently to sensory deprivation but one thing most agree on is that your brain gets a rest more pure and unfettered than any other activity we can think of. Anyone concerned with health and wellbeing should give it a try.

Theta State Float Center is located in 24th Avenue Mall on Sukhumvit 24, a short taxi from Phrom Phong BTS Skytrain Station. There are lots of different packages to consider but for a 60 minute float it costs 1,950 baht. There’s top quality soaps and shampoos to wash with afterwards and a cup of tea waiting for you while you chat with the team about your experience.

Theta State Float Center

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