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  • The Fabulous Dessert Café

    Sweet Treats on Khao San Road


    Only someone with a lot of guts would name their venue the Fabulous Bar and Dessert Café. Thankfully this brilliant coffee shop and bar just off Khao San road lives up to its name, with amazing cakes and sweet cocktails on offer throughout the day. Open from 10:00 till midnight with free Wi-Fi, this vintage-style house is the ideal place to catch up on emails and get your daily sugar hit.

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  • When you leave the main strip at Khao San it feels like you step into a different world. Down the side alley with the sign for the Buddy Boutique and you’ll find a peaceful courtyard that houses a beer garden and the yummy Tom Yum Kung restaurant. The Fabulous Bar and Dessert Café is the dark wooden-slatted house with kitsch plastic autumn leaves as decoration, you can’t miss it.

    Inside is cosy with mismatched furniture: comfortable sofas with cushions, leather armchairs and over-stuffed pouffes are dotted around this richly decorated split-level room. Their theme is very retro, with a large selection of black-and-white pop images running up the stairs and old radios and record players as coffee table tops. This is where you come when you want to while away a few hours in a relaxing environment. Staff members offer the perfect blend of helpfulness and a laissez-faire attitude, they won’t annoy you if you spend three hours drinking one latte yet they are perfectly happy to act as guides if you need some directions.

    I tried the house recommendations (don’t worry, I was sharing): The Fabulous toast and the raspberry crepe cake. My Thai friends rave about both these desserts, so I was excited to finally try them. The crepe cake is a wondrous conception; someone must have taken hours to layer the pancakes and cream to end up with something that you can slice. The raspberry coulis finished it off perfectly, taking the edge off the sweetness. If you like things really sweet order the toast. They take a large chunk of bread and drench it in honey, before serving it with vanilla ice cream and more honey.

    Another other great thing about Fabulous Bar and Dessert Café is that despite having such a central location it’s never too busy. Students often come to make the most of the free Wi-Fi and to work on their essays, which I was pleased to find out is still code for gossip sessions with your friends.

    The Fabulous Bar and Dessert Café is the perfect place for dessert and drinks after a great meal at Tom Yum Kung. Come here to escape the madness of Khao San Road and experience the popular desserts that get Bangkokians talking. Be careful though, once you settle in here you won’t want to leave!

    The Fabulous Dessert Café

    • Address: The Fabulous Bar and Dessert Café 32 Chakraphong Rd, Khao San Rd, Phra Nakorn, Bangkok
    • Tel: +66 (0)2 6291144
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