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ThaiSmileConnect solves the common problem that many travelers to Thailand face: having no Internet access! This Bangkok-based company provides portable, pocket-sized Wi-Fi (or ‘Mi-Fi’ to use the techie terminology) devices that allow travelers and tourists in Thailand to connect to the internet anywhere, anytime - without having to swap their Sim cards or worry about data usage – because it’s unlimited.

You can rent the pocket Wi-Fi device online and have it delivered to your hotel, or arrange for collection as soon as you arrive in the airport. The order form is at Unlimited data use is priced at 300 baht per day (275 baht per day with current promotion), with a small delivery charge of 100 baht for most areas. There is a deposit of 2000 baht which can be paid in a number of ways explained on the website.

How ThaiSmileConnect works

The pocket Wi-Fi device contains a Thai Sim card; once turned on, you can connect to it like any other normal Wi-Fi hotspot from your phone, tablet or computer – and eight devices can connect at one time – perfect for those travelling around Thailand in groups. The ThaiSmileConnect package also contains charging accessories and an already-stamped envelope for you to send the Mi-Fi device back, free of charge.

Why do I need it?

Sure, buying a Thai Sim card and topping up money might be a little bit cheaper than using ThaiSmileConnect, but having to swap your Sim card from home can be annoying – and confusing as most of the networks in Thailand have limited English language services. Also, iPhone users and others with ‘locked’ networks are often unable to switch Sims. Then there is also the unreliability of public Wi-Fi in Thailand – many hotels charge expensive fees for use, whilst guesthouses claiming they have Wi-Fi often struggle to deliver on that promise.

ThaiSmileConnect’s portal Wi-Fi device – when we tested it – proved reliable all the time. Easy to connect, and fast enough to stream videos and make downloads. They also promise coverage throughout Thailand – great for those planning a trip to the southern Thai islands where Wi-Fi access is a notorious problem.

We love how can the Mi-Fi device provides peace of mind in knowing you’ll be able to connect at anytime, anywhere – without having to search out the nearest Starbucks to duck in and use their overpriced (and limited) Wi-Fi. The fact that you can share this portable Wi-Fi hotspot with your friends’ devices is an added bonus too.

Head to and complete the order form online. Delivery time in central Bangkok is only one day, and further details on the payment methods can be found on their site.

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