Thai Auto Vintage in Bangkok

Thai Auto Vintage is a small and relatively new shop located on the outskirts of Bangkok, run by a group of car lovers and managed by khun Anuchai. It doesn't appear to be a huge collection at first as restored cars seem to sell well and are often snapped up  before they are completed. Khun Anuchai and his team find old cars with good restoration potential and give them a second life, or restore vehicles brought in by their owners. Not all the cars on display are for sale, he obviously had a sweet spot for this beautiful white 190 SL convertible Benz with red interior leather, estimated at 7 million baht. Who wouldn't?

There are  a lot of Mercedes-Benz in the garage which when you think about it, is not a surprise. Wealthy Bangkokians really love this brand. Just drive around Bangkok for half an hour and count the ratio Benz versus any other luxury car... you can even start to predict what the vintage cars of the future will be. At Thai Auto Vintage we spotted three superb Benz convertibles in perfect condition, ready for you to drive downtown and show off, you might even hear the cars calling your name!

Several of the Benz might not appear to be really classics but you have to be a Benz connoisseur to see more than just an old car in them. There are few other beauties in the show room. A superb two-door Triumph Spitfire, a sexy red convertible Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 and even a funny looking BMW bubble car. The oldest car in the garage was a Chrysler 1949 which unfortunately didn't seem in driving condition (yet).

Thai Auto Vintage also sells spare parts and restores privately owned cars, even those that appear to be nothing more than rusting wrecks. They proudly bring back their original glory just like they do in those TV reality shows, but it takes a bit longer than the 45 mn of a TV program.

Don't miss one of the most unusual features on sale at Thai Auto Vintage: three desks and a sofa made with the front or back parts of classic Benz! Nice and shiny, it would look really great in your house if you have enough room... and enough budget for it - the nicest desk made of a real convertible Benz costing no less than 450,000 baht!

Thai Auto Vintage

Address: 385/1 Onnut Road, Prawet, Bangkok 10250
Tel: 02 721 6858

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