Best street food in Bangkok and where to find it!

Bangkok is a city of culinary contrasts and endless food. Try royal cuisine in a posh restaurant and pay 2,000 baht or have a great dish in the street for 20. The range of food served in the street is fantastic and no matter how rich, everyone eat in the street more often that they eat home. Plastic chairs and tables, plastic plates and toilet paper as napkins are the common ustensiles to this fun experience and no matter how messy the place is, it's not unusual to see Ferraris and Benz pulling over for a bowl of noodles. Here are some of the most popular street restaurants found in Bangkok.

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Lek Seafood

Lek Seafood in Silom serves... great seafood! Try their' Tom Klong Goong', a delicious variation of Tom Yam, or 'Pla Nueng Manao', a large fish steamed and served in a delicious lime sauce. Their deep fried fish also comes very recommended. Great shells as well. Half the tables are set on the sidewalk but thankfully they also have a large aircon room, very welcome on the hot days. The shop is located just next to Chong Nonsi BTS station.

  • Location: Silom - Seafood
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Lek and Rut Seafood

Lek-Rut seafood in Chinatown serves great seafood in the most unlikely surroundings you could dream of for a nice dinner: a frantic intersection of Bangkok Chinatown, it's a mystery how cars, bikes, by-passers manage to get past without hitting a dining table. Having diner at Lek-Rut is the perfect way to experience the way of life and culinary open-mind of Bangkok. You need to forget everything you know and just go with the flow, it's a fun and fascinating experience.

  • Location: Intersection of Yaowarat Road and Thanon Phadung Dao Street
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Odean seems to serve a simple noodle soup in a small restaurant on a street near Yaowarat Road. You might wonder why should you pay from 100 to 500 baht for a little noodle soup, but the secret is in the crab claw coming with the soup. The menu is simple, but mostly you have to decide how much you want to pay by selecting the size of the crab claw. The result is simply delicious.

Guay Jab Soi 11

Serving the famous 'Guay Jub', a great soup using characteristic large rolled rice noodle in an extremely peppery soup together with crispy pork pieces. The place is so famous it's always full and more people even queue! In one case they will take you somewhere further in the street and set a table for you in the middle of nowhere.

  • Opening Hours: 5 pm to midnight
  • Location: Yaowarat Road - Noodle Soup

Thip Samai

Possibly the most famous (and the best) phad thai place in the country. With over 50 years’ of experience, Thip Samai offers seven types of delicious phad thai ranging from 30 baht to a little over 100 baht per dish. Everyone knows, Phad Thai consists of medium noodles fried with shrimps or prawns, peanuts, bean spouts, garlic fish sauce, lime and of course eggs. Thip Samai signature version, 'pad thai song-kreung' consists of shrimp roe, prawns, fried egg, fresh crabmeat, ground cuttlefish and sliced mango – very delicious. Thip Samai even ranked #72 out of of 7,053 restaurants in Bangkok on tripadvisor. Cooked and served at the speed of light to satisfy a long queue of customers coming sometimes from far away, Thip Sawan does nothing but Pad Thai.
  • Opening Hours: 19:00 – 03:00
  • Location: Mahachai Road (Near Wat Saket) - Pad Thai
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Toy Noodle Soup

Supposedly, Guay Teow or beef noodle soup all started around the Victory monument and judging by the amount of restaurants serving this dish, it is probably true. One tiny shop by the canal claims to be the first boat noodle in Bangkok but we prefer 'Toy Noodle Soup', the shop on the opposite side of the canal is more popular. For real fun go the canal next to the victory monument to see the fastest chef in the world preparing dozen bowls of Guay Teow at the speed of light. He has to as bowls are tiny and the game is to eat 10 bowls to receive a free coke. A must see.

  • Location: Victory Monument - Noodle Soup
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Roti Mataba

Opposite Phra Sumen Fort, Roti-Mataba has excellent southern Thai cuisine include rotis, chicken korma and chicken or vegetable mataba. An English-language menu is available and it has air-conditioned room upstairs. Generous-portion loving diners will appreciate this place.

  • Opening Hours: 07:00 -20:00 (Tuesday – Sunday)
  • Location: Opposite Phra Sumen Fort, Phra Athit Road
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Wattana Panich Noodle Soup

Despite its very modest appearance, Wattana Panich Noodle Soup (pronounce Wattana Panick!) has been visited by many Thai celebrities, just browse the dozens of framed photos and awards on the walls all around the restaurant. What makes Wattana Panich so special? The way they simmer their beef and mutton stew for hours right in front of the street and take the soup from this delicious stock. Meat becomes tender and the soup has this rich taste and thick texture from a stew that has simmered for long hours. 

  • Highlights: 02 391 7264
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 am - 09:00 pm
  • Location: Ekkamai Soi 18

Jok Prince

Jok Prince is very well known to both Thai and foreign residents of Bangkok for its porridge – congee, to some – a simple rice soup served here only with pork. Now you probably had plenty of good porridge before and wonder what can be so special about this one… and surprised you will be! Not only is the rice soup smooth and meat balls tasty, but the real secret ingredient is a faint but clearly perceptible smokey taste. It's that simple, just like the whole concept of porridge: a bowl of simple comfort food that tastes great and leaves you satisfied. Happiness for 45 baht… that's what Jok Prince is all about.

  • Opening Hours: 6 am to noon and 4 pm to late at night
  • Location: Charoen Krung Road, opposite Robinson Shopping Mall and walk 200 meter
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